Is Lit By FirstBank Legit?

In its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing mobile and digital banking in Nigeria, First Bank of Nigeria Limited proudly introduces the LIT Application. LIT is designed to redefine the landscape of mobile banking in Nigeria, taking the concept of “your bank in your pocket” to new heights. Whether you need to schedule payments, lodge a complaint, connect with your account officer, secure an instant virtual card, or access a loan, LIT is here to deliver. Featuring a sleek interface and an array of exciting features, LIT offers an exceptional user experience while ensuring safe and secure access to all your banking needs. This state-of-the-art banking app is a pioneering initiative in the industry, presenting customers with a wealth of opportunities to enhance their safety, convenience, and competitiveness in today’s digital banking era.

Is LIT Legit?

Undoubtedly, LIT is a legitimate platform, and there’s a simple reason for that. LIT is the brainchild of First Bank of Nigeria, the premier bank in West Africa and the foremost provider of financial inclusion services in Nigeria, with a remarkable history spanning over 127 years. FirstBank operates under the robust regulatory framework of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and complies with the laws and regulations governing the Nigerian banking and financial sector. With a vast network comprising over 750 business locations and more than 120,000 Banking Agents spread across 99% of Nigeria’s 774 Local Government Areas, FirstBank serves over 30 million customers. Moreover, the bank has an international footprint through its subsidiaries, ensuring a global presence. It’s important to note that reviews on the Google Play Store and Appleā€™s App Store pertain to the app’s design and user experience and do not reflect the legitimacy of the services it offers:

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– I prefer the layout and design of the app before the update. The flame was more realistic and the dash board was more fluid. I’m not sure why that was altered but please change it back. Also the icons on the dashboard are larger with no option to reduce the size . The app is generally slower now and just feels rigid. Also i really don’t want an email notification every time I login there should be a way to turn off that option if you don’t want that – Isoken Edogun

– The app isn’t functional. I justvinstalled this app and have been unable to fully set it up even after multiple trials. I can’t login. The app keeps saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” When I get to account and card inclusion page. I only once got as far as security questions set-up but could not progress as it wasn’t responding. Kindly look into it – Mobolaji Ogungbenro

Services Offered by LIT

The LIT application offers a diverse array of services that transcend conventional banking tasks, including:

  1. Multiple Transfers: LIT simplifies the process of managing payments by allowing users to select and transfer funds to multiple beneficiaries in a single transaction, streamlining financial transactions and saving valuable time.
  2. Account Opening: LIT extends the opportunity to open accounts to both existing customers and non-customers, fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the realm of banking.
  3. Account Management: Users can effortlessly identify their dedicated relationship managers through the app, facilitating prompt assistance and strengthening customer-bank relationships.
  4. Statements and Receipts: LIT empowers users to generate bank statements in PDF format or through email, offering convenient access to their financial records. Additionally, users can retrieve transaction receipts, providing a comprehensive overview of their financial history.
  5. Complaint Management: LIT simplifies the process of lodging and managing complaints, eliminating the need for physical branch visits and promoting efficient issue resolution.
  6. User Rewards: LIT’s user rewards program incentivizes engagement by offering valuable points for every transaction conducted through the platform, fostering customer loyalty and active participation.
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Pros of LIT

  1. Strong Reputation: LIT enjoys a formidable reputation as it is developed and maintained by First Bank of Nigeria, a venerable financial institution with an illustrious history spanning over a century. With a massive customer base and an enduring legacy of financial expertise, First Bank of Nigeria’s association lends unparalleled credibility to the LIT platform. This rock-solid reputation not only inspires trust but also reinforces the platform’s dependability and commitment to delivering top-tier banking services.
  2. Comprehensive Services: LIT transcends the boundaries of conventional banking by offering an extensive suite of services that cater to a wide spectrum of financial needs. It’s not just about routine banking transactions; LIT introduces a wealth of functionalities that elevate the banking experience. Users can engage in multiple transfers, simplifying the process of managing payments to various beneficiaries in a single transaction. Account opening is not limited to existing customers; even non-customers can initiate the account opening process directly through the app. Furthermore, LIT empowers users with robust account management tools, enabling them to identify and connect with their dedicated relationship managers for prompt assistance. The platform also facilitates the effortless generation of bank statements in PDF format or via email, ensuring that users can access their financial records conveniently. Additionally, users can retrieve receipts for transactions dating back as far as they require, offering a comprehensive overview of their financial history. LIT goes beyond mere transactions; it provides a holistic financial management experience.
  3. User Rewards: LIT’s commitment to customer engagement and loyalty is exemplified through its user rewards program. With every transaction conducted through the platform, users accrue valuable points. These points not only incentivize users to actively engage with the app but also offer tangible rewards for their loyalty. This system fosters a sense of appreciation and recognition for users, reinforcing their connection with the platform and encouraging them to explore its diverse features further.
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Cons of LIT

  1. User Interface Feedback: While LIT offers a host of impressive features, some users have expressed feedback regarding changes in the app’s user interface. Some have voiced preferences for the previous design, citing reasons such as the more realistic appearance of the flame icon and the fluidity of the dashboard. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the size of icons and the absence of options to customize their dimensions. Furthermore, users have noted email notifications upon login and have expressed the desire for an option to disable this feature. These observations underscore the importance of continually refining and optimizing the user interface to cater to diverse user preferences and enhance overall user satisfaction.
  2. Technical Issues: Several users have reported encountering technical issues while using LIT. These issues encompass difficulties with the login process, as some users have experienced login problems and encountered unresponsiveness during the app’s setup. It is imperative for the development and support teams behind LIT to address these technical glitches promptly to ensure a seamless and trouble-free user experience. Technical stability and reliability are paramount in sustaining user trust and satisfaction.

LIT by FirstBank is a legitimate and innovative mobile banking solution backed by a reputable financial institution. While it offers a wide array of services and rewards, it’s crucial to address user interface feedback and resolve technical issues to enhance the user experience further. LIT represents a significant step towards modernizing banking interactions, offering safety, convenience, and empowerment to users in the ever-evolving world of digital banking. Users are encouraged to explore LIT and take advantage of its diverse features while keeping an eye on potential updates for an even more seamless experience.

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