Full Review: Is C Money Savings Investments Legit?

C Money is a digital banking application developed by Creditville, offering investment and savings opportunities to Nigerians worldwide. With C Money, users can fulfill their financial aspirations, whether it involves saving, investing, or facilitating fund transfers.

Is C Money Savings Investment Legit?

C Money Savings Investment provides peace of mind by ensuring the safety of your funds through the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Creditville, the parent company of C Money Savings Investment, initiated its operations in 2013 and has since established a nationwide presence. This trusted financial institution has received prestigious accolades, including the “Most Trusted Customer Finance Company – Africa’s Finance Award 2020” and the recognition as Africa’s “Best World-Class Quality Leading Service Company of The Year 2021.” Based on these credentials and safeguards, it is evident that C Money Savings Investment is indeed a legitimate financial platform. Here are even some reviews from the app on Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s App Store:

Useless app i want to signup but it is always complaning of my connection even when the connection is working fine so i should add another connection to my phone abi useless app – Ewatomi Owolabi

The app has the main features i need in a mobile app, such as: paying for my utilities, buying recharge cards and data, transfer of funds, checking my FD balance at a go without having to call my account officer etc. The beauty of the savings app is that, it shows the full details of my investment, the value date, maturity date, rate and tenor. I can also do top up and initiate a withdrawal from the app. This app definitely exceeded my ecpectation. The set up was also very easy.- Zainab Owosho

Please why? Are you doing rubbish I just open account right now I just transfer 100 as a test for me to be sure about it but you said I can’t login to it again what is gonna one please can you please explain or transfer me back my money – marverichie08

Useless app,just mining peoples information – shakiez

Services Offered by C Savings Investment

  1. Loans: C Savings Investment provides a comprehensive range of loan options tailored to meet various financial needs. The Pay Day Loan service caters to verified corporate employees, offering a reliable source of short-term financing. SME Loans are designed to empower small-scale businesses with access to affordable credit facilities, supporting their growth and development. The Lady Flex Loan is specifically crafted for women in corporate environments, offering credit at reduced interest rates. Public Sector Loans are designed exclusively for public sector salary earners, providing tailored credit solutions to meet their unique requirements.
  2. Lease: C Savings Investment offers a diverse set of leasing solutions to accommodate the needs of different clients. The Micro Lease option enables transporters and small to medium-sized businesses to establish leasing agreements that suit their operational requirements. Operating Lease is a corporate asset finance product ideal for multinational companies, facilitating their corporate asset management needs. The Sales and Leaseback feature allows customers to unlock the value of their assets and reinvest capital back into their businesses. Financial Lease streamlines the leasing process, ensuring a seamless experience for clients seeking asset financing solutions.
  3. Microfinance Banking: The C Money app serves as a versatile financial platform, allowing users to save, transfer funds, pay bills, purchase data and airtime, and even receive a 2% cashback on airtime purchases. Additionally, the platform offers wealth management services, providing clients with the opportunity to earn attractive returns of up to 18% on their wealth management plans. These features cater to a wide spectrum of financial needs, making C Money a comprehensive financial tool for users.
  4. Asset Management: C Savings Investment extends its services to asset management, offering Fund/Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, and Financial Planning services. These offerings are designed to assist clients in effectively managing their investments and financial portfolios. The platform’s financial experts provide guidance and insights, helping clients make informed decisions to achieve their wealth management goals.

Pros of C Money Savings Investment

  1. NDIC Protection: C Money Savings Investment goes the extra mile to prioritize the security of its users’ funds. Through its partnership with the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), users enjoy a reassuring layer of protection. NDIC coverage ensures that in the event of unforeseen circumstances or financial institution insolvency, users’ deposited funds are safeguarded up to specified limits. This not only instills confidence but also provides users with a safety net, making C Money a reliable choice for securing their financial assets.
  2. Established Parent Company: Creditville’s substantial presence in the financial sector since its inception in 2013 is a testament to its longevity and stability. This long-standing track record underscores the credibility and reliability of the parent company behind C Money Savings Investment. Users can have confidence in the platform’s ability to deliver on its financial promises, knowing that it operates under the umbrella of an established institution with a history of success and integrity.
  3. Accolades and Recognition: Creditville’s recognition as the “Most Trusted Customer Finance Company” and its acknowledgment as the “Best World-Class Quality Leading Service Company” in Africa demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence and customer trust. These accolades highlight not only Creditville’s dedication to providing high-quality financial services but also its recognition within the industry. Such prestigious awards reinforce the notion that users are engaging with a reputable and customer-focused institution when they choose C Money Savings Investment.
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Cons of C Money Savings Investment

  1. Mixed User Reviews: While many users have reported positive experiences with the C Money app, it’s important to acknowledge that there have been instances of mixed reviews. Some users have encountered issues, such as connectivity problems and login difficulties. These concerns can impact the overall user experience and may require attention and improvement by the platform’s developers and support teams to ensure seamless and trouble-free usage for all customers.
  2. Privacy Concerns: Privacy is a fundamental concern for users when engaging with any financial app. Some users have voiced privacy concerns regarding how the C Money app handles personal information. Addressing these concerns is essential for building and maintaining trust among users. Implementing robust data security measures and transparent data handling policies can help alleviate these worries and reinforce the platform’s commitment to user privacy and security.

C Money Savings Investment appears to be a legitimate and versatile financial platform with the backing of Creditville, a well-established financial institution. While it boasts notable advantages such as NDIC protection, recognition, and a range of financial services, it should address user concerns, particularly those related to app functionality and data privacy. To determine its suitability, users are advised to conduct thorough research and consider their individual financial goals and needs when using the C Money app.

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