Review: Is ASGARD MANAGEMENT PLC a Legit Firm?

The world of investment management, while offering a compelling path towards financial security, is unfortunately not without its pitfalls. A concerning trend has emerged in the form of investment management scams. These deceptive practices, perpetrated by malevolent actors, prey upon the aspirations and financial naiveté of people looking to grow their wealth. The sheer number of such scams necessitates a proactive approach from investors.

ASGARD MANAGEMENT PLC has emerged as a player in the investment management arena, but is it a trustworthy steward of your wealth, or a deceptive scheme waiting to pounce? Let’s discuss the details to uncover the truth.


  • Website:
  • Investment Strategy: Unclear
  • Regulation Status/License: Not authorised
  • Contact Information:, +442070888239
  • Client Testimonials: Reviews appear scarce or suspiciously positive
  • Jurisdiction: Unidentified
Review: Is ASGARD MANAGEMENT PLC a Legit Firm?


Reputable investment management firms take pride in showcasing their services and expertise online. The absence of a clear investment strategy and an unconfirmed regulatory status are major causes for concern. Legitimate firms wear their licenses with pride and operate within the legal framework. The scarcity of client testimonials further fuels suspicion. Operating from an unidentified jurisdiction is another red flag, as offshore locations often provide less regulatory oversight for financial institutions.

Why People Fall for Investment Management Scams

Beyond the initial red flags regarding ASGARD MANAGEMENT PLC, it’s important to understand why people fall victim to investment management scams. Here are some common factors:

  • Promises of Outsized Returns: The promise of high returns with little or no risk can be very tempting. Scammers exploit this desire for quick wealth by making unrealistic claims.
  • Lack of Investment Knowledge: People with limited knowledge of investing are more susceptible to falling prey to deceptive tactics. Scammers often use complex jargon and confusing investment strategies to manipulate and mislead.
  • False Sense of Security: Scammers might claim to be associated with well-known financial institutions or regulatory bodies to create a false sense of security.
  • Emotional Manipulation: Scammers prey on fear, excitement, and a sense of urgency. They might create a sense of scarcity by claiming limited investment opportunities or pressure you into quick decisions.
  • Unsolicited Offers: Be wary of unsolicited calls, emails, or social media messages promising high returns. Legitimate investment firms don’t resort to high-pressure tactics.

How to Avoid Investment Management Scams

Here are some key tips to help you avoid falling victim to investment management scams:

  • Research Before You Invest: Always research any investment management firm thoroughly before committing your money. Check the company’s registration with regulatory authorities and read online reviews from independent sources.
  • Beware of Unsolicited Offers: Be careful of unsolicited investment offers, whether they come through phone calls, emails, or social media. Legitimate companies don’t resort to high-pressure tactics.
  • Verify Licensing and Regulation: Make sure the investment management firm is licensed by a recognized financial authority relevant to your location. Don’t invest with companies operating from offshore locations with lax regulations.
  • Understand the Investment Strategy: Make sure you understand the firm’s investment philosophy and the associated risks before you invest. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get professional financial advice if needed.
  • Promises of High Returns with Little Risk are Red Flags: If an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful of promises of guaranteed high returns with little or no risk.
  • Check for a Clear Website: A reputable investment management firm will have a professional and informative website readily accessible through search engines.
  • Don’t Be Pressured to Invest Quickly: A legitimate investment firm will give you ample time to consider the opportunity before making a decision. Don’t be pressured into a rushed commitment.

Lost Your Money? Filing a Successful Chargeback

If you suspect you’ve been scammed by ASGARD MANAGEMENT PLC, don’t fret. Here are some steps to take:

  1. Gather Evidence: Collect all communication with the company, including emails, contracts, and transaction records.
  2. Report the Scam: Inform the relevant authorities or your local financial regulator.
  3. Freeze Your Accounts: Contact your bank and inform them of the situation to prevent further unauthorized transactions.
  4. Seek Legal Counsel: An experienced lawyer can advise you on your options for recovering your funds.

We understand the emotional toll of being scammed. Don’t let this experience discourage you from exploring legitimate investment management services. Remember, trustworthy firms exist that can help you achieve your financial goals. However, recovering lost funds can be a complex and daunting process. Be careful of bogus “recovery companies” that prey on scam victims.

Cronus Tech positions itself as a champion for victims of financial scams, offering a lifeline to those who have lost money to fraudulent schemes. They claim to help recover lost funds through two primary methods: initiating chargebacks and collaborating with government agencies. While the idea of recouping your losses is appealing, approaching such services requires a critical eye.

Chargebacks can be a legitimate tool for recovering funds in specific situations, but success is not guaranteed. The possibility of a successful chargeback depends on factors like the type of transaction, the payment method used, and the timeframe involved. Government involvement in scam recovery can also be limited, depending on the nature of the scam, the jurisdiction, and the resources available to law enforcement.

Finding the Right Investment Management Firm

Selecting a reputable investment management firm is paramount for a successful investment journey. Here are some key considerations:

  • Regulation: Make sure the firm is licensed by a recognized financial authority like the SEC (US), FCA (UK), or your local regulatory body. Verify the license details through the regulator’s website.
  • Investment Philosophy: Understand the firm’s investment philosophy and whether it aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Do they focus on value investing, growth investing, or a combination?
  • Track Record: Research the firm’s track record and past performance. Look for consistent, risk-adjusted returns within their stated investment philosophy.
  • Fees and Expenses: Compare the firm’s fee structure with other investment management firms. Understand all fees associated with their services, including management fees, performance fees, and transaction costs.
  • Minimum Investment: Consider the minimum investment amount required to open an account with the firm. This can vary depending on the firm and the investment strategies offered.
  • Communication: Reputable firms provide clear and regular communication to their clients. This includes investment reports, performance updates, and explanations of investment decisions.

Diversification is a cornerstone of a sound investment strategy. When choosing an investment management firm, consider the types of assets they invest in and how they diversify your portfolio. This helps spread risk and reduce potential losses.

The allure of overnight riches might be tempting, but remember, sustainable wealth creation takes time and discipline. Focus on long-term goals and understand the inherent risk-reward relationship associated with different investment strategies. Don’t be swayed by promises of unrealistic returns.

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