How Much Is GoTV Supa In Ghana?

GoTV Ghana offers a range of subscription packages designed to cater to the diverse entertainment preferences and budget constraints of its customers. These subscription packages provide access to a variety of digital television channels, including local and international content. Users can select from several subscription options, allowing them to enjoy the channels that best align with their interests. GoTV Ghana’s subscription packages offer flexibility, affordability, and a wide variety of content choices, making it a popular choice among Ghanaian viewers. Whether you’re looking for sports, movies, local programming, or international shows, there’s likely a GoTV subscription package to match your interests and ensure a delightful television experience. GoTV Ghana’s subscription packages typically include various bouquets, such as the GoTV Max, GoTV Value, GoTV Plus, GoTV Supa, and GoTV Lite, each offering a different selection of channels and pricing to suit different needs. The GoTV Max bouquet, for instance, provides a comprehensive array of channels covering entertainment, sports, news, and more. On the other hand, GoTV Lite is a budget-friendly option ideal for those seeking essential TV content. These packages are accessible through easy-to-renew payment methods, and GoTV regularly updates its offerings to align with the evolving entertainment landscape, ensuring that subscribers can enjoy quality digital television services while managing their budget effectively.

How Much Is GoTV Supa?

For those seeking a premium television experience in Ghana, the quest often leads to GoTV Supa. Priced at an enticing 130 GHS per month, this bouquet boasts an impressive selection of over 60 channels, making it the crème de la crème of GoTV offerings. It caters to the discerning viewer, offering a delightful blend of local and international content, spanning genres and interests.

Other GoTV Packages

While GoTV Supa takes the spotlight with its extensive channel lineup, GoTV offers a range of other packages tailored to meet various preferences and budget constraints. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  1. GoTV Lite: For those who seek essential TV content, GoTV Lite comes to the rescue, offering 20+ channels at an affordable 17 GHS per month.
  2. GoTV Value: Dive into an expanded TV experience with GoTV Value, featuring 30+ channels at a monthly fee of 30 GHS.
  3. GoTV Plus: Take a step further with GoTV Plus, offering 40+ channels at a monthly subscription cost of 60 GHS.
  4. GoTV Max: Experience the pinnacle of digital TV with GoTV Max, where 50+ channels await at a monthly rate of 105 GHS.

How To Buy Or Renew GoTV Packages

To make your GoTV subscription experience even more accessible, GoTV Ghana offers a range of payment options:

  1. USSD: Dial *769# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts to renew your subscription. This intuitive USSD code opens up a world of possibilities. Simply follow the prompts, and within moments, you’ll have your GoTV package refreshed and ready for a captivating television journey. You can read more about GoTV USSD here.
  2. GoTV App: If you prefer a more interactive and app-based experience, look no further than the GoTV app. Available on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store, this user-friendly application is your one-stop destination for all things GoTV. Here, you can not only renew your subscription but also explore a treasure trove of features. Check your balance, switch packages, address any errors, or even indulge in the joy of renting a movie. The GoTV app is designed to put the power of entertainment right in your hands. You can read more about GoTV Mobile App here.
  3. My GoTV Web: The digital age offers numerous conveniences, and GoTV makes the most of it. With the My GoTV Web portal, you can effortlessly manage your subscriptions online. By visiting the GoTV Ghana website and clicking on ‘self-service,’ you open the door to convenient payments. No more queuing up, just a few clicks away from a seamless renewal process. You can read more about GoTV Web Application here.
  4. Mobile Money: GoTV understands the significance of mobile money services in Ghana. That’s why it allows you to utilize mobile money for your payments. Whether you’re using Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, or TIGO Cash, you can enjoy the ease and speed of mobile money payments. Simply choose your preferred mobile money platform, make your payment, and relish uninterrupted access to your chosen GoTV package. You can read more about Mobile Money on our blog.

GoTV Supa is a testament to GoTV’s commitment to providing an enriched television experience in Ghana. With pricing that aligns with the scope of content it delivers, it offers viewers a wide array of channels to explore and enjoy. But GoTV doesn’t stop there; it extends its embrace to viewers with varied preferences and budget considerations through its diverse package offerings. GoTV is not just a television service; it’s a gateway to a world of entertainment, accessible, diverse, and affordable. Explore, experience, and immerse yourself in the delightful realm of digital television with GoTV in Ghana.