Full Review: Is Transfy Legit?

Transfy is a pioneering fintech solution that caters to the growing need for cross-border transfer and money remittance services in Africa. While many global money transfer companies cater to international transactions, Transfy focuses on facilitating seamless financial interactions among African countries. It bridges the gap in a region where cross-border transactions have historically been challenging, offering a cost-effective means of sending money across African borders and exchanging local currencies.

How Legit Is Transfy?

Founded in April 2021 and headquartered in Lagos, Transfy has swiftly developed a blockchain-powered financial services platform. This platform simplifies money transfers for both individuals and businesses across Africa, providing a secure, efficient, and fee-free experience. In its inaugural year, Transfy successfully processed $15 million in transactions without any marketing expenses. The company is currently in the process of raising seed capital to fuel further growth. Transfy operates as a registered fintech company with licenses to conduct business in all the countries it serves. The Transfy mobile app is readily accessible via Google’s Play Store. Despite its promising beginning, some users have shared mixed reviews on the platform:

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  • “This app is not surprisingly just like other fintech apps such as dash. You people’s customer service is horrible and you need to fix the bugs in your UI it’s been 4 days my id has been verified but I still don’t have an acct number to make deposits. My address still hasn’t been verified even though it was a bank statement. The replies I get from their customer service is vague and unsatisfactory, imagine when I send a couple thousand and I can’t pull it out to make purchases, it’s sad.” – Jay_Jáy ansah
  • “Awesome App…. though I had an initial issue with my KYC…. Customer service was handy to fix it….. I have navigated the App and I find it interestingly wonderful. I hope for a great and seamless experience here too…. Thumps up” – Onawu Tawo
  • “You said the transfer is free, but why you process any transfer concluding the transfer fee in a hidden way😎? . The equivalent amount of money to beneficiarys currency doesn’t match the current exchange rate which means there’s a hidden fee, please show everything openly and let’s calculate everything correctly.” – ForYou 247
  • “Instead of the app improving with time it kept going backward. Which one is “*exchange pair isn’t available*” and all those countries put there, are they for furniture? Apart from ur annoying exchange rates u still cant deliver. This so annoying. Please just grant me access to remove my money and u can keep ur app. Since u dont want people to use. What rubbish!” – ogbo joseph

Services Offered By Transfy

  1. Multi-Currency Wallet: Transfy provides users with a versatile multi-currency wallet capable of holding various currencies, including NGN, KES, ZAR, RWF, UGX, ZMW, and BWP. This wallet simplifies multi-currency management, allowing instant currency switching and facilitating seamless cross-border transactions.
  2. International Mobile Recharge: Users can conveniently and securely recharge mobile phone airtime 24/7 in ten African countries. Transfy ensures instant credit for recipients, enhancing accessibility and connectivity.
  3. Send Money In Minutes: Transfy enables users to send money securely and instantly to recipients’ mobile wallets or bank accounts, providing a reliable means of financial transfer.
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Transfy serves three primary categories of users:
  1. Transfy For Individuals: This segment empowers individuals to send or receive funds in UGX from friends and family residing in Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, and Rwanda. The platform facilitates instant and secure transfers to mobile money wallets and local bank accounts, supporting multiple Transfy currencies.
  2. Transfy For Businesses: Transfy caters to the financial needs of businesses, enabling efficient transactions with suppliers, partners, and employees worldwide. The platform ensures secure and seamless money remittances at competitive industry rates.
  3. Transfy API: Transfy extends its services to fintechs and Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) through its API, offering access to over 30% of mobile wallets and bank accounts across Africa. Developers can leverage Transfy APIs to streamline payment processes for software and digital products with a single line of code.

Pros of Transfy

  1. Cross-Border Accessibility: Transfy addresses a crucial gap in the African financial landscape by facilitating inter-African transactions, making cross-border payments more accessible.
  2. Blockchain-Powered: Transfy leverages blockchain technology to enhance the security and efficiency of its financial services, ensuring user trust and data protection.
  3. Cost-Effective Transfers: Transfy aims to provide cost-effective remittance solutions, potentially saving users money compared to traditional banking and money transfer services.

Cons of Transfy

  1. User Interface Challenges: Some users have reported issues with Transfy’s user interface and customer service, impacting the overall user experience.
  2. Hidden Fees: Concerns have been raised regarding hidden fees and discrepancies in currency exchange rates, prompting calls for greater transparency in transactions.
  3. Performance Fluctuations: Users have encountered performance-related problems, including exchange rate issues and usability concerns, indicating areas for improvement.
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Transfy enters the African fintech landscape as a promising player, striving to simplify cross-border payments and money remittance services. While it demonstrates potential with blockchain technology and cost-effective solutions, there is room for enhancing user experience, transparency, and overall platform performance. As Transfy continues to expand and evolve, addressing these challenges will be key to establishing itself as a trusted and reliable financial services provider in Africa.

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