Loan App Review: Is Legit? claims to offer a top-tier user experience with cutting-edge technology and an intuitively designed interface. The application prides itself on providing users with four distinct transfer options: username transfer, QR code transfer, wallet loading, and bank transfer, all executed with speed, ease of use, reliability, and, most importantly, security, according to the information available on its Google PlayStore “About” page.

Is Legit?

Considering the app has been around since 2017 and was ranked among the top 10 loan apps in Nigeria by various blogs. This application’s social media pages like X (formerly Twitter) has been inactive since its inception. Their website is currently not reachable at the time of writing this article. Also, on the Google PlayStore, the app has no reviews which can only mean people are not using the service. To learn more about assessing the legitimacy of loan services, we recommend reading our comprehensive article on this topic.

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Services Offered By

  1. QR Code Transfer: This feature allows users to transfer funds with ease, both online and offline, through the mobile app. QR code transfers simplify the process by enabling users to scan a code or present one for receiving payments. This functionality enhances convenience in financial transactions, especially in scenarios where you need to make a quick payment or receive money from others. It reduces the need for manually inputting account details, making it less prone to errors and faster.
  2. Bank Transfer: streamlines financial transactions by simplifying the process of moving money from your account to any Nigerian bank account. This feature provides users with the convenience of managing their financial affairs within a single platform. Users can transfer funds to their bank accounts, pay bills, or handle other banking activities directly through the app. It eliminates the need to use multiple apps or visit a physical bank, saving time and effort.
  3. Username Transfer: This functionality facilitates swift fund transfers among account holders using a straightforward username-based system. Instead of relying on cumbersome account numbers or complex banking codes, users can simply enter the recipient’s username to transfer funds. This feature ensures efficiency and minimizes the chances of making errors when transferring money. It’s particularly handy for users who frequently transfer funds to friends, family, or business associates.
  4. Loans: offers users a convenient avenue for obtaining loans. Acting as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders, the platform simplifies the loan application process. Users can apply for loans directly through the app, and the platform matches borrowers with willing lenders. Moreover, ensures that loan repayments are made on time, creating a secure lending environment. The startup earns its revenue by taking a percentage cut of each successful transaction, aligning its interests with the successful repayment of loans.
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Pros of

  1. User-Centric Design Excellence: places a strong emphasis on user experience. Its meticulous attention to detail results in a seamless and user-friendly platform. This user-centric design ensures that users can easily navigate the app, conduct financial transactions with confidence, and access the services they need efficiently. It simplifies the often complex world of financial applications, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  2. Versatile Transfer Modes: offers a diverse range of transfer modes, giving users flexibility in managing their finances. Whether you prefer to transfer funds using usernames for simplicity, QR codes for quick transactions, bank transfers for traditional banking, or wallet loading for added convenience, the app accommodates these various preferences. This versatility ensures that users can tailor their financial activities to their specific needs and preferences.
  3. Robust Security Measures: Recognizing the critical importance of security in financial applications, has implemented robust security measures. These measures include encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits to safeguard user data and transactions. Users can trust that their financial information is protected within the app, creating a secure environment for conducting financial transactions.
  4. Longevity and Recognition: Although was introduced to the market in December 2021 and has garnered just over 100 downloads, it’s essential to note that the app has been operating since 2017. This longevity suggests a level of stability and experience in the financial technology sector. Furthermore, the app’s recognition as one of Nigeria’s top 10 loan apps by various reputable blogs highlights its positive track record and reputation in the industry.

Cons of

  1. Dormant Social Media Presence: A noteworthy concern regarding is the inactivity observed on its social media pages. The lack of regular updates, interactions with users, and engagement with the community can raise questions about the app’s commitment to customer support and communication. It may leave users feeling disconnected or uninformed about updates, changes, or potential issues.
  2. Inaccessible Website: The unavailability of’s website presents a potential obstacle for users seeking essential information or support. A functioning website is a valuable resource for users to access detailed information about the app, its services, and contact information for customer support. Without this online presence, users may face difficulties in gathering critical details or addressing concerns.
  3. Lack of User Feedback: The absence of user reviews on the Google PlayStore can be interpreted in different ways. While it may suggest a relatively low user base, it could also imply that users have refrained from sharing their experiences and feedback. This lack of feedback may leave potential users with limited insights into the app’s performance and user satisfaction levels, making it challenging to make informed decisions about its use.
OL2QMNtvo8Zx2r XhBVBuGIg4TAlhpN4IGZFCd4JVKJQPoUdb4UISQW0BX1rqDtopsdWsLLBT3oQnnZPfdHF XsjtzNLn9MIUlIFw G7SF9lz48BDLPW8 KmnPO1nUKzON cN9rQY3Th6uccwDVhobY offers a range of promising features and services to its users. However, potential users should exercise caution due to the app’s dormant social media presence, unavailability of its website, and the lack of user reviews on the PlayStore. As with any financial service, it is crucial for users to conduct thorough research and consider the app’s track record before engaging in financial transactions.

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