Is OsusuMobile Legit?

OsusuMobile, founded in 2016, was on a mission to enhance financial inclusion and empowerment by providing accessible tools for basic banking activities such as savings, all through the convenience of everyday technology – the mobile phone. OsusuMobile firmly believes in the transformative power of credit, whether in the form of savings or loans. Their objective is to simplify and make it convenient for individuals to save money while concurrently building creditworthiness for potential loans. Over the long term, OsusuMobile aspires to empower individuals with an array of financial tools, starting with savings through deposits made with their network of agents.

How Legit Is OsusuMobile?

Since its establishment in 2016, OsusuMobile has faced operational challenges, and there is a conspicuous absence of public records regarding its activities. It appears that the company may have had a promising idea but has faltered in executing its vision. Despite their stated intentions and services outlined on their Medium blog and LinkedIn profile, accessing their website proves difficult. Furthermore, there is no OsusuMobile mobile application available on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, raising concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and functionality.

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Services Provided by OsusuMobile

  1. OsusuMobile Savers: This innovative service simplifies the process of making deposits using a basic SMS-enabled mobile phone. Opening an OsusuMobile account is hassle-free, requiring only a valid phone number. Once registered, users can kickstart their savings journey with the assistance of an OsusuMobile agent located within their vicinity. The platform’s primary objective is to make saving a seamless and convenient practice, recognizing its potential to enable individuals to establish credit histories and enhance their overall financial well-being. Additionally, OsusuMobile has ambitious plans to support a range of financial activities, including credit pooling, payments, funds transfers, and more, contributing to the broader objective of fostering a cashless economy.
  2. OsusuMobile Agency: Central to OsusuMobile’s operations is its network of agents, who play a pivotal role in the platform’s service delivery. These agents are incentivized with attractive commissions for each deposit made by a saver. To ensure efficient and straightforward transactions, OsusuMobile has implemented streamlined processes for its agents, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Pros of OsusuMobile

  1. Potential for Financial Inclusion: OsusuMobile’s core mission revolves around promoting savings and financial empowerment. This aligns with the broader objective of achieving financial inclusion, particularly for individuals who face limited access to traditional banking services. By providing a simple and accessible platform for savings, OsusuMobile aims to bridge the gap and bring more people into the formal financial ecosystem.
  2. Savings Accessibility: OsusuMobile’s unique proposition lies in its ability to enable deposits using nothing more than a basic SMS-enabled mobile phone. This low-barrier entry point empowers individuals who may not have access to sophisticated banking infrastructure to initiate their savings journey. It provides an inclusive avenue for financial planning and security.
  3. Focus on Credit Building: OsusuMobile’s commitment to helping users build credit histories and creditworthiness stands as a testament to its dedication to improving individuals’ financial prospects. By emphasizing the significance of savings as a means to enhance credit profiles, the platform is actively contributing to the financial empowerment of its user base.
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Cons of OsusuMobile

  1. Operational Challenges: OsusuMobile has grappled with operational difficulties since its inception, impacting its ability to fully realize its vision and provide functional services. These challenges have raised concerns about the platform’s reliability and effectiveness in delivering its intended financial solutions.
  2. Lack of Online Presence: The absence of a robust online presence, including the unavailability of a dedicated mobile application, has cast shadows of doubt over OsusuMobile’s legitimacy and operational status. This limited accessibility hampers its potential user base and raises questions about the platform’s viability in the competitive financial technology landscape.
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OsusuMobile was established with the noble intention of enhancing financial inclusion and empowerment through accessible savings tools. However, operational challenges and the lack of a functional online presence have cast doubts on the platform’s legitimacy and functionality. As such, potential users should exercise caution and consider alternative financial solutions until OsusuMobile’s status and services become clearer and more reliable.

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