How to buy Wakanda Inu on Binance

As cryptocurrency continues to gain traction all over the world, more and more diverse cryptocurrencies are emerging into the ecosystem. More individuals are gearing towards being creators rather than just traders of Bitcoin and the like. It is why we’re currently witnessing a surge of new cryptocurrencies in the market, and the Wakanda Inu coin is at the forefront.

The truth is that crypto traders are always looking for the next big thing; they are not loyalists. Once a coin is not delivering the profits it envisages, they abandon it and move on to the next good thing. Crypto traders are always aiming for the moon, so when Wakanda Inu was created and launched in 2021, holding so much potential, crypto traders did what they know how to do best, trade. Even though analysts branded Wakanda Inu as a meme coin”, it did not deter crypto traders from investing and cashing out. Now, Wakanda Inu is occupying the crypto space and gaining dominance. Even more, investors depend on it since the crypto bear market of 2021 left them high dry. 

It’s a new dispensation with the Wakanda Inu coin, and it would be profitable to jump on the train and come along for the ride. 

What is Wakanda Inu?

We all watched black panther and marvelled at Wakanda’s structures and the power of their mineral, Vibranium. It was a massive cultural moment for black people all over the world, with all the cast effectively delivering their roles. We all saw how Wakanda became a movement with the hand-crossing sign on the chest. The Wakanda Inu cryptocurrency was created to serve as a constant reminder that there is strength in unity. Wakanda Inu is one of the most popular   African cryptocurrency projects, and over 113,000 people in the world hold the token. 

Since the creation and launch of the crypto project, the project has successfully projected the strength of Africans and other POC. Wakanda Inu has several use cases in the NFT marketplace, decentralized exchanges, launch pads, and staking. 

Unlike other meme coins created for profit, the Wakanda Inu tokens were created to give back to the African community. The token was created for Africans by Africans as a charity mission to help women, children, and men gain easy access to the basic necessities of clothing, water, and shelter. Wakanda Inu deserves a standing ovation for being resilient and ever-committed to their cause. It is one of the first few Afrocentric cryptocurrencies to blaze the trail with real-world socioeconomic impact.

How to buy Wakanda Inu tokens on Binance 

Binance is one of the most successful crypto trading platforms in the world. While Binance is a good platform with tight security and low fees, some crypto traders might find it too difficult. That is why we decided to simplify the steps involved in buying Wakanda Inu coins on Binance.

  • Download a trusted wallet or Metamask app, install it and get registered.
  • Log into your Binance account to buy Ethereum.
  • Go to the wallet interface on the Binance app and click on withdraw. Fill in the details of your wallets.
  • Set the network to Ethereum, and provide your wallet address and the amount you want to transfer. Click the withdraw button and wait for your Ethereum to appear in your TrustWallet.
  • Choose a decentralized exchange and make sure your wallet supports it. 
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Trade Ethereum for Wakanda Inu.
  • Click on Swap to swap one for the other.

How to trade crypto successfully in Africa

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The success of profitable crypto trading in Africa is finding the best exchange platform. While this might difficult owing to the rise of scammers, we bring you good news. Dart Africa is the platform for you who want to sell crypto for cash at the best rates and get paid immediately in Nigeria and Ghana. This means you can sell your crypto for naira of Cedis, depending on your location. The platform is relatively easy to use, with a simple user interface that makes navigation seamless. You can trade your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT without bothering scammers and hackers because Dart Africa is fortified with the best security technology in the world. Dart Africa also prioritizes the needs of its customers by ensuring that their customer service team is always available to attend to your complaints. To create an account on Dart Africa, follow the steps below.

  • Visit our website or download the mobile app to get registered. There’s a direct link for the app to get downloaded on the website. Simply click “download app.” 
  • Create a transaction pin for secure withdrawals by accessing your account settings and selecting “Security.” 
  • For instructions on setting up a local bank account, refer to the “Account Details” section. 
  • When you’re ready to deposit, choose the desired coin (BTC) by clicking “Sell Coins” and enter the USD amount (minimum $20). Upon selecting “Sell Now,” you will receive a QR Code and wallet address to deposit the equivalent amount of cryptocurrency. 
  • After two block confirmations, the corresponding fiat amount will be transferred to your account. You can track the progress of your transaction in the “Trades” area and monitor it on your dashboard.
  • To withdraw funds to your pre-established bank account from step 3, click “Withdraw funds” and enter the desired amount. Enjoy the convenience of quick credit to your local bank account without additional fees.
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