Are there gift cards in Mexico?

If you’ve ever been curious about the availability of gift cards in Mexico, this article is for you. In this article, you’ll understand that gift cards are being used in Mexico in the same way they are being used in the United States, Canada, and Europe. We will also shed light on all types of gifts found in Mexico.

What are Gift cards?

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Gift cards are one of the gifts from technology to humankind. Gift cards are like cash equivalents, but they are in the form of portable, handy cards that can be carried around without stress. These cards have made it easy for buyers like yourself to easily purchase at restaurants, malls, gas stations, and lots more. 

There are two types of gift cards in Mexico, the physical kind and the digital type. By their makes, you shall know them. Physical cards are the most popular forms of gift cards because they are widely used and accepted. When you order a physical gift card from a retailer, it gets delivered to the location you provided. You can also go down to the stores to buy physical gift cards and get them immediately. 

It’s almost the same process for digital gift cards, only that everything is done online. Immediately after you purchase a digital gift card, the card details, including the gift card code and CVV, are emailed to you. You can take a screenshot of this mail, write out the details, or make a print. You can submit whatever form you choose at the counter and redeem your goods. 

Gift cards make payment easy, so they have become popular in Mexico. Read on to find out all the uses of Gift cards in Mexico.

Uses of Gift Cards in Mexico

Before delving into the uses of gift cards in Mexico, it is important to note that Mexican gift cards are issued in the Mexican currency, Mexican Peso and not the American dollar. This is important for those who decide to sell gift cards for money on exchange platforms. 

To make purchases 

With your Mexican gift cards, you can make purchases in stores both online and physically. Instead of carrying huge sums of cash, your gift card can serve as a disguise. As you make purchases with your gift cards, the amount you spend will be deducted immediately. For some gift cards, immediately after you exhaust the funds on the card, they become useless and are called non-reloadable gift cards. For reloadable gift cards, you can refill once it is exhausted by adding more cash.

A perfect example is the reloadable Visa gift card. Gift cards like iTunes and Apple gift cards are always non-reloadable. Hence, before buying a gift card, make enquiries to ensure you get the specifications you want.

Gift cards are the perfect gifts!

As the name implies, gift cards were originally meant to serve as gifts. The advantage of giving gift cards is that it puts the recipient in charge. It removes the stress of finding or guessing the perfect gifts because gift cards are always excellent. Gift your friend a gift card from their favourite stores today and watch them shower you with praises. 

Exchange gift cards for gift cards 

Yes! It is true. A gift card can be exchanged for another on exchange platforms that support such transactions. On gift card exchange platforms, you can exchange your Apple Store gift card for a Sephora gift card if you have no use for the former. 

Sell gift cards for cash

Mexican gift cards can also be sold for cash. Exchange platforms like Astro Africa and Dart Africa make the process seamless. This is a safe and quick way to earn money without stress. It is also useful in situations where the gift card recipient has no use for the gift card or cannot find a store to accept it. Whichever situation you find yourself in, know that you can sell gift cards for cash on exchange platforms and get paid immediately.

Gift cards found in Mexico

Several gift cards are found in Mexico, but these are the most popular.

Amazon gift cards

InComm gift cards

iTunes gift cards

Google Play gift cards

Razer gold gift cards 

Roblox gift cards

Xbox gift cards

Walmart gift cards

Visa gift cards 

Steam gift cards

Where to sell Mexico gift card in Nigeria

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If you are in Nigeria or Ghana and want to sell your Mexican gift cards, use Astro Africa. Not all exchange platforms are verified and reliable, but Astro Africa manages to be both things and so much more. On Astro Africa, you’ll enjoy swift trades, good rates, security, stellar customer service, referral bonuses and lots more. 

Gift card traders that have used Astro Africa have continuously commended the app for never wavering in the quality of their services. Let Astro Africa be your one-stop shop for all your gift card trades, and you’ll never regret it. Visit the Astro Africa website, create an account, and start trading. 

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