How To Exchange Perfect Money To Bitcoin

How To Exchange Perfect Money To Bitcoin; Perfect Money is one of the world’s leading financial services; it’s an international e-payment system that allows for a secure money transfer and instant payments for gold, Bitcoin, Euro, and US dollars. Some core reasons for its high user rate are its cost-efficiency, scalability, interoperability, and wide array of options for withdrawal and deposit. 

The conversion process of Perfect Money to Bitcoin is easy, fast, and straightforward with the use of an automated exchange service. This is provided you stick to the rules. 

As stated above, Perfect Money can be exchanged for digital assets (not necessarily crypto) and other substantial materials. However, this article is structured, specifically to give insight into how to exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin. Let’s take a quick dive into it.

Exchange Perfect Money To Bitcoin

Exchanging Perfect Money To Bitcoin; Ideal Ways To Go 

1. Leveraging exchanges

One of the best ways to exchange Perfect Money for Bitcoin is through leveraging decentralized exchanges. How’s this done? Most of the known and efficient exchanges have the P2P feature; this feature allows users to trade cryptocurrencies within themselves without the interference of a third party (except for the escrow service offered by the exchanges). 

In this section (P2P), traders are open to flexible payment methods and preferred prices; traders can discuss the terms of the transactions they intend to carry out. This means, all that is needed for a Perfect Money-to-Bitcoin conversion, is to come on this feature and offer to buy Bitcoin, however, state that Perfect Money is your preferred payment method. Once a seller agrees, then there’s a deal. 

To begin this process:

  1. Choose a decentralized exchange with the P2P feature
  2. Place a buying order, or accept a selling order. Do this ensuring that your chosen trader has a good rating on the said platform. 
  3. Decide the number of Bitcoin units or fractions you intend to buy. 
  4. Choose perfect money as your preferred payment method
  5. Send the funds to the platform’s escrow, as soon as you receive the Bitcoin from the seller, confirm it so the escrow releases the agreed Perfect Money funds to them. 

Some of the good decentralized exchanges with the P2P feature, with a sound track record that can facilitate this transaction, are: 

  1. Paxful
  2. Binance
  3. Huobi
  4. Bitfinex
  5. Kraken
  6. KuCoin
  7. OKX

2. Local Crypto Vendors

There are local crypto vendors (offline) whose main business borders on trading cryptocurrencies. The fact that they maintain an offline presence, where you’d have to get in touch with them in person, before the transaction commences, makes it safe. At least, you get a chance to see who you’re dealing with. 

Crypto vendors are littered all over social media. Find one with proximity, as well as a good track record. (a referred crypto vendor will be better). Agree on the means of payment (stating that you’re paying with Perfect Money). Then do the swap. If this feels unsafe still, then you both can opt for the presence of a third-party witness who will thereafter, be incentivized from your mutual contributions. 

3. P2P Marketplaces 

P2P Marketplaces are not necessarily decentralized exchanges. Some do not have web applications like most decentralized exchanges do. Although a few do. Usually, they exist as websites where buyers and sellers of digital assets with common trading interests can meet. 

The marketplace only offers escrow services for the safeguarding of users’ assets. Therein, you can strike an exchange deal for Perfect Money in exchange for Bitcoin. It all depends on the Bitcoin price at the transaction time. 

4. Convert Perfect Money to cash, then to Bitcoin

While this is a relatively long process, it’s a safe way to have your Perfect Money in Bitcoin too. On your perfect money account, convert your funds to local currency. Usually, you get paid via a bank transfer or physical cash at the Perfect Money office (this is mostly for a smaller amount). In this case, opt to be paid via a bank transfer.

Thereafter, directly buy Bitcoin from any reputable crypto exchange with your bank card. As long as the imputed card details are correct, you’ll get to receive your Bitcoin as soon as you’re debited. 

Covert Your Crypto To Cash; Sell On Dart Africa

Dart Africa is one of the few reliable platforms that seamlessly facilitate the conversion of Crypto to local currencies for Nigerians and Ghanaians. The platform is characterized by a fair conversion rate, a user-first system, swift payment time, and a 24/7 customer support system that meets users’ needs. You can look up their rating on play store and other review websites.

The sign up process is straightforward. It only requires you to input a username, email, country of origin, and phone number, and then set a password. You’ll be sent a confirmation mail to verify the authenticity of the mail ownership. Wondering how to sell on Dart Africa? On the platform is a guide that sees you through. 


Exchanging Perfect Money for Bitcoin isn’t even half as difficult as people have made it seem. Users even enjoy a variety of options to go about this. However, for precautionary measures, do due diligence on whatever platform, website, or exchange on which you intend to carry out this transaction; this way, every of your operation will be made from an informed place, and this spells safety. 

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