How To Pay For Facebook Ads With Debit Card

How To Pay For Facebook Ads With Debit Card ; The world of ads has taken a different dimension as people leverage social media to get their products and businesses across to a wider user range. And because not many people can afford to pay advert agencies to help them run campaigns, they often leverage social media. Facebook is one such place with ads potential of reaching up to 2.11 billion users. 

Undeniably, this form of ad is relatively novel, so it’s not uncommon to see that people do not know the basic requirements and the procedures involved in facilitating Facebook ads payment. 

One easy way to get this done is with the use of a debit card. So, out of the many options, this article is narrowed down to providing details, specifically on how to pay for Facebook ads with a debit card. 

Paying For Facebook Ads With Debit Card; Procedures To Follow

How To Pay For Facebook Ads With Debit Card

Paying for Facebook ads is pretty easy if you follow the right procedure as shown below. 

Step 1.

Firstly, you need to create an ad account if you don’t have one. 

Step 2. 

Log into your Facebook account, and on your homepage, locate the “ad center”.

Step 3. 

This page brings you to two options; the first is the automated ad option, and the second is an ad option that’d have you create an ad yourself. Not to worry, Facebook will guide you through the process if you settle for the latter. 

Let’s take a short pause. These are the areas you must look at while creating your Facebook ads. 

  • Goals

What are your ad goals? Are there any actions you have in mind that you want people who come across your ads to perform? Perhaps, you want them to call you, then there’s the “get more calls” option to click on while creating your ad account.

  • Audience

What audience are you targeting with the ads? You are probably targeting a specific gender, or your intended audience falls within a certain age grade. Their location too is an area to look at. Facebook gives you three options to choose from. 

  • Placement

Ads, unless carried to the right people, would most likely end in futility. So, what is the location you want Facebook to majorly display your ads? Ever heard of Meta Pixel? It’s a very good tool for this cause. Meta Pixel activation gives you a chance to see what people do on your website and possibly know what location they carry their activities from. 

Step 4. 

On your ad account is the “add payment method” option; Therein, you can decide your means of payment (currency) and the amount of money you wish to use for funding the ads. However, know that the quality of ads you get is directly proportional to the amount with which you funded the ad. 

Step 5.

This brings you to a stage where you’d impute your card details; it’s usually the account name, CVV number (located at the back of the card), the card expiry date, and your card number. If the system verifies all your details to be accurate, then an OTP is sent to the phone number attached to your bank for verification. 

Can I Pay For Facebook Ads With Crypto? 

Facebook Ads Cover

There are instances where people who are low on fiat and big on crypto wished there was a crypto payment option where they can use the latter. While we could currently say there’s no crypto option as a payment method for Facebook ads, a nice way to go around this however, is to leverage conversion platforms like Dart Africa with speedy crypto-to-fiat conversion time, after which one could then immediately opt for the debit card payment options. The sign-up process is straight and seamless. 

Why Is My Debit Card Not Working For Facebook Ads?

You can experience difficulty while trying to pay for Facebook ads owing to different problems; your debit card might not work for your Facebook ads payment if your imputed card information is outdated. Other times, this decline can be traceable to the fact that your bank doesn’t support payment for such systems. 

Which Bank Works Best For Facebook Ads? 

For Facebook ad debit card payments, GT Bank and Zenith Bank are great options for Nigerians. However, they tend to be a tad slow in some instances. Other times, these banks suspend the use of naira cards for international transaction payments, which can be very much frustrating. 


You can only imagine how sad it was when in the past, the only means for Facebook ads payment was via the US dollar. This shoved a big chunk of rigor down the throat of many people; ranging from restrictions due to monthly international payment limits and debts incurred from unfavorable exchange rates. It’s cool that debit card payment from one’s own country is currently doable provided that one follows the right procedures and fulfills all basic requirements.

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