How To Buy Airtime Online

How To Buy Airtime Online; The advancement of technology has over time, encroached into the field of manual activities, and has swept some practices off the surface of existence. The complex cyberspace has helped in pushing this to the norm. This is seen in the many routes through which effortlessly, people can buy airtime from the internet, as opposed to going through the rigors of getting it from an airtime vendor. 

While we maintain that buying airtime online is common knowledge, it still doesn’t negate the fact that there are people who’d find themselves in a fix if they ply this route, thus, this article gives a clear description of how this works

Which Site Can I Buy Airtime Online?  

There are many sites to buy airtime online, but here’s a list of options, sieved from the pools of available sites that are relatively better. 

  • Remita
  • Opay
  • Quickteller

1. Remita

How To Buy Airtime Online

How do I buy airtime from Remita? 

  • Firstly, you’d have to create a Remita account. Access the official Remita website
  • Therein, select “my personal account” and impute the important details you’ll be asked to. 
  • Impute your OTP that’d be sent to your submitted phone number, after which you’d confirm and reset a password sent to your email.
  • Add your bank account details and take a hard copy of your application to the bank. 

Now that your account is created, here’s how to buy airtime from Remita. 

  1. On the homepage of your account, tap on “buy airtime.
  2. Choose your network option; GLO, MTN, Airtel, etc. 
  3. Enter your phone number and choose your preferred airtime amount. 
  4. Tapping on “continue” brings you to a payment interface that is only facilitated by the generated RRR code. 
  5. A receipt is then sent to your email address upon payment completion. 

2. Opay

image 96

Opay is a bank and is usually operated from its app, and functions just exactly like the transitional banking app is one place you can easily buy airtime from. All you need to sign up is a phone number, a valid email, and a government-issued ID. Then fill in other important details. 

How do I buy airtime with Opay?

  • Upon creating an Opay account, on your homepage is the payment interface that comes with a list of options, ranging from airtime, data, betting, TV, electricity, and a few other things. 
image 99
  • Clicking on “airtime” takes you to a page with a list of airtime amounts as shown below. 
image 98
  • As shown above, at the top left side of the page is the network provider logo. Clicking on the pointer by its side allows you to choose your preferred network option. 
image 97

You can choose to edit the recipient’s phone number. Also, you can manually input your desired airtime amount and tap on “pay”, the airtime is then immediately sent to the imputed phone number. It’s this fast and easy. 

3. Quickteller

You can buy airtime from the internet using Quickteller. The company, in 2002, started as an integrated digital commerce and payment company. Currently, it has broadened its wings, thus covering many electronic payment schemes across the internet landscape; airtime inclusive. 

How do I buy airtime from Quickteller?

  • Firstly, you’ll have to sign up on the platform and create an account. 
  • On the homepage is the menu that avails you of the “buy airtime” option. 
  • Clicking on it opens you to two options; “top up your phone” and “top up other phone”, the former is for self, and the latter is for a third party. 
  • Here’s where to decide the airtime amount and network of choice.
  • Proceeding to the next page brings you to a section where you’ll impute important bank card details to facilitate the transaction. 

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To buy airtime online, you have the luxury of many options as would be befitting of your need. It is also possible to use a bank code or buy directly from your bank account using your bank app. However, the unreliability of the Nigerian banking system has many cases where people are debited without a reflection of the supposed airtime in their sim cards. The options contained in this article, from research, and users’ reviews, are some of the best out there. 

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