HOW TO SELL ZUGACOIN FOR CASH; Zugacoin has surprisingly maintained a lead in the global market in terms of its price and value, and it can now be traded for Dollars on the global market. The ERC20 version of Zugacoin, which is stored in the Samzuga wallet, can now be swapped globally. Samzuga, the creator of the token, has announced that the swap will begin with 50 Dollars daily to monitor the market activities and avoid past negative experiences. Eventually, users will be able to swap any amount they want. Samzuga assured its users that Zugacoin is here to stay and that they are still testing their platform until the end of November 2021.

Many people have been stranded since the announcement as Samzuga has not provided a tutorial on how the swap process is carried out successfully. However, we have successfully tested the swap feature and provide some important information for those who plan to swap their Zugacoin.


Firstly, the Zugacoin in the Samzuga wallet is the ERC20 version. Secondly, the gas fee is now paid in SZCB, which is the Zugacoin Bep20 second version, instead of Eth or BNB. Thirdly, users need to fund their SZCB gas fee wallet with SZCB before they can cover the gas fee for the swapping process. Finally, users will be swapping SZC to SZCB and sending out SZCB is completely free.

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Step 1: Get a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Before you can buy Zugacoin on PancakeSwap, you need to have a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain. Some popular options include Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Binance Chain Wallet. Make sure to fund your wallet with BNB or any other BSC-supported token to pay for the transaction fees.

To fund your SZCB fee wallet, you need to buy on Pancakeswap:

  1. You need to click the “setting menu button” at the top right of your selected wallet, and check for “ADD CUSTOM TOKEN”. 
  2. Then, provide the following details: 


Name – Zugacoin, 

Symbol – SZCB, 

Decimal – 8

Network – smartchain.

Step 2: Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Once you have a BSC wallet, you need to connect it to PancakeSwap. Go to the PancakeSwap website and click “Connect” on the top right corner. Select your wallet provider and follow the prompts to connect your wallet.

Step 4: Select the amount of Zugacoin you want to buy

In the “From” section, select the token you want to trade for Zugacoin. For example, if you want to buy Zugacoin with BNB, select BNB. In the “To” section, select “Zugacoin”. Enter the amount of Zugacoin you want to buy or the amount of the token you want to swap.

Step 5: Adjust the slippage tolerance

To ensure your trade goes through smoothly, you need to adjust the slippage tolerance. Click on the “Settings” icon on the top right corner of the screen, and set the slippage tolerance to 11%.

Step 6: Confirm the transaction

Double-check the details of your transaction, including the amount of tokens you’re swapping, the current price, and the transaction fees. If everything looks good, click on “Swap” to initiate the transaction. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the transaction. Once you confirm the transaction, it will be processed on the blockchain.

Step 7: Receive your Zugacoin

Once the transaction is confirmed, you should see your Zugacoin balance in your wallet. If the tokens don’t appear immediately, try refreshing your wallet or checking your transaction history on BscScan to ensure the transaction was successful.

Once you have funded your gas fee wallet, you are ready to swap your Zugacoin to USDT:

  1. To do this, log in to your Samzuga wallet
  2. click on Swap from the menu button
  3. type the amount of Zugacoin you want to swap in the Amount Converted From field, and click on Swap. The equivalent in BNB will display in the Amount Converted to field in the panel.

If you make a mistake, an error message will appear, and it will also tell you the current rate due to price fluctuations. Once the transaction is successful, your SZCB will be deposited in your Zugacoin Bep20 WALLET.

How To Exchange USDT for Fiat on DartAfrica

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After successfully exchanging your Zugacoin for USDT, you can then proceed to DartAfrica to exchange it for fiat in a few easy steps.

DartAfrica is a very new and quickly expanding cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to make it pleasant and easy for users in Ghana and Nigeria (for the time being) to sell cryptocurrencies for fiat. DartAfrica offers support for popular cryptocurrencies like USDT, USDC, ETH, and BTC and has plans to increase this selection in order to cater to a wide range of consumers with various preferences. One of the many potential benefits of using DartAfrica is the fact that there are no transaction fees, unlike other exchange platforms or traditional banking institutions.

The platform also provides simple navigation, quick and secure transactions, and a user-friendly design. To efficiently use DartAfrica:

  1. Visit their website to register in just a few simple steps.
  2. Create a transaction pin by logging into your account and selecting “Security” to authorize withdrawals.
  3. For instructions on creating a local bank account, click “Account Details”.
  4. Choose the coin you want to deposit by clicking “Sell Coins.” Put the USD amount (at least $20).
  5. By selecting “Sell Now,” you will be given a barcode and wallet address to deposit the equivalent amount you intend to sell. After two block confirmations, the corresponding amount of fiat is transferred into your account. You may track your transaction in the “Trades” area until the deposit is complete. You can see this on your “Dashboard.”
  6. To withdraw money to the account you’ve previously set up in step 3, click “Withdraw funds,” then enter the desired amount. Without any additional fees, your local bank receives a quick credit.

Zugacoin presents an opportunity for investors and traders to benefit from the blockchain technology and the digital currency revolution. With the availability of several exchanges and wallets, buying and selling Zugacoin has become easier and more convenient. It is important to note that while the price of Zugacoin can be volatile, careful research, and understanding of the market can help investors make informed decisions. As the blockchain industry continues to grow, Zugacoin is poised to become a major player in the digital currency space.

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