How To Download Binance For PC

This article shows you how to download Binace for PC; the Binance desktop application. Binance as an exchange is super cool, although it comes with a somewhat complex interface and is not entirely beginner-friendly. Albeit offers users a healthy dose of trading benefits. 

The exchange has a variety of downloadable application types that suit different gadgets like Android and iPhone. But note that the Desktop application type is the ideal type for PC users as it is specifically designed to find relevance in that type of gadget. It’s just great that it opens users to a truckload of advantages. 

The Desktop application features three layout patterns; pro, fullscreen, and classic. PC users can leverage it to have perfect control over managing their portfolios, monitor the trading activities in real-time, and also have a seamless inroad toward market analysis. 

Where Can I Download Binance For PC?

Binance for PC is available for download on FileHorse website or the Binance official website. Both of these aforementioned websites have a download section, access it and ensure that the type you download is compatible with your OS (operating system). After you’re done downloading it and signing up, you can then set a two-step verification safety measure. 

Another cool thing here is that the PC Binance applications give users unprecedented access to become part of launchpad sales, thereby making it possible for them to partake in blockchain tokens and other important projects therein. If you’re looking at trading cryptocurrencies in a more secure and reliable crypto facility, then the Binance desktop application for PC is the one that you should consider.  

How Can I Install Binance For PC? 

It’s common to not find Binance on window store. So what then is possible to do in a case as such? This is where the android emulator comes in for installation. Know also that you’ll be using the LDPlayer. Follow the steps below. These steps would also suffice for Mac users who want to download the Binance application. 

Step 1

Firstly, as soon as you’re able to access the “download” tab, immediately zip and unzip it to avail you to both the LDPlayer installer and Binance apk. 

Step 2

Double-checking on the installer allows you to install the emulator, after which you can then further complete the sign-in process. 

Step 3

Locate the PlayStore icon and click on it, search for the Desktop version of the Binance app, and click on it for the installation process to begin. 

Step 4

The “open” button comes up upon the completion of the installation process. Tap on it and begin the registration process. Ensure to complete the KYC to have access to better trading options. 

How Do I Use Binance Convert On PC? 

Users who are plagued with the need to convert certain cryptocurrencies to their preferred choice have found solace in the Binance conver service offered on the platform. The process is straightforward when using a PC. There are just four steps to it. 

  • First step

On the bottom of your screen’s homepage, there is a list of options, locate “trade” and tap on it. This option brings you to where you can choose to convert by hitting on the “convert” button which sits at the top left side of the screen. 

  • Second step 

At this stage, you’ll have to choose the tokens you want to switch. There are two parts to this; the number of tokens that you’re letting go is just right at the top part for you to choose, while the one you wish to convert to sits at the bottom — make your adjustments accordingly. 

  • Third step 

This brings you a point that reveals the price attached to the conversion you’re trying to make; it displays pretty well to have you preview it. And if upon the elapsing of 5 seconds, you do not decide, it gets terminated and can only begin when you refresh the page. You have to tap on “preview conversion” to avoid this termination upon getting to this point. 

  • Fourth step 

The fourth stage is the conversion finalization stage. All there is to do here is click on the “convert” option which, except in a case of a thought network problem, would convert your desired coin and deliver it to your wallet on the exchange. 


Downloading Binance for PC is pretty simple as long as it’s done following what is ideal. It all boils down to getting the right app type, one that matches the operating system of your gadget, then following the process accordingly.