How To Buy USDT With PayPal

This article gives insight into buying USDT with PayPal. It is no longer surprising to see the increasing interest in cryptocurrency after the fiat banking system, on many occasions, has failed to adequately represent a true form of a safe value store. 

For instance, in mid-March 2023, one of the biggest US banks, silicon valley, was reported to have collapsed. The crash had left customers stranded without access to their money. All of these stem from the increasing global financial crisis. Crypto has gained more recognition with this.  

But quite noticeably, there has been more interest in stablecoins; it’s because their prices are pegged to real fiat currencies, making them far less susceptible to the price volatility common with many crypto assets. The USDT is one such coin; how can it be bought with PayPal funds though? 

Is It Possible To Buy USDT With PayPal?

Being a fintech establishment, the incorporation of multiple payment options for purchase purposes is pretty pivotal. PayPal understands this well enough to have made cryptocurrencies an integral part of its system. With this, users enjoy the luxury of leveraging PayPal funds to purchase Bitcoin and a few other Altcoins. But quite sadly, USDT is not on this list. This means, on the PayPal platform, it is currently impossible to buy USDT. But there’s a way out — the use of exchanges. How can this be done? It’s explained below. 

How Can One Use PayPal To Buy USDT?

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is very much possible with the use of crypto exchanges. An exchange is a platform that serves as a middle ground where users can trade their crypto assets for fiat, crypto for crypto, fiat for crypto, or whatever transaction type is agreed between traders. 

On exchanges, the P2P sections serve as the connecting bridge between different customers; each with a unique transaction offer and the payment option that accompanies it. So it’s possible to buy USDT with PayPal funds via P2P as long as you can strike a deal with a seller to accept Paypal funds as your payment option.

You can even decide to initiate a “buy” transaction stating PayPal as your preferred payment method. An interested person picks it up from there, the deal is sealed and the transaction is run. 

On what exchange can I buy USDT with PayPal? 

Exchanges where you can easily buy USDT with PayPal include:

  • Binance
  • Paxful
  • Coinbase
  • Local crypto vendor

1. Binance 

Binance is one of the world’s exchanges with the largest user base. It commands 1.4 million transactions per second with a crypto asset move of $1 billion per day. Now, understand that the amount of transactions carried out on an exchange is a good way to look into the possibility of securing a crypto transaction deal that meets your taste. With a high number of transactions comes a high chance of getting a trader who’ll accept Paypal payment for USDT. With regard to this, Binance ticks the box. The Binance low transaction fee here too is one of the many reasons you should opt for it. 

2. Paxful

On Paxful, you can easily buy USDT with PayPal. Research has revealed that it has a good adoption rate and features a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows for customer interaction, which in turn, gives room to different types of transactions. As long as you’re able to create a Paxful account, confirm the necessary documents needed for identity verification, and pass other security checks, you’re good to go. 

3. Coinbase 

Coinbase gives you a variety of options to purchase USDT with PayPal. The downside of this exchange, however, is that it comes with a relatively higher fee, nonetheless, it is loved for its user-friendliness and seamless transaction process. One of the important areas that are looked at when analyzing the possibility of a platform to accept Paypal funds for USDT is its popularity, and quite wonderfully, just like Binance, Coinbase has a pretty large number of users. 

4. Local crypto vendor

Yes, you can also buy USDT from a crypto vendor and pay with Paypal; this would be in the form of an offline peer-to-peer transaction. The process is pretty simple; you both agree on a rate, you send the PayPal funds to a seller’s PayPal account, then they send the agreed USDT  amount to your wallet address. 

But get that this can be very risky though. You can lose your funds to scammers, except you have established a good trading relationship with a USDT seller offline. You’re safe buying USDT on exchanges as some of the exchanges feature an escrow service that keeps your sent funds on the platform’s escrow, the funds are only released to the seller upon your confirmation of their sent asset. An offline transaction doesn’t enjoy such protective measures. 

How To Sell USDT And Other Cryptocurrencies On Dart Africa

If you’ve ever sought good exchanges to buy USDT and other cryptocurrencies, then it is necessary to strike a balance that comes from knowing good crypto apps to sell USDT, Bitcoin, and other Altcoins too. Dart Africa is one such. All it takes to get started is to get on the official sign-up page and fill up important details like username, email, country, address, and phone number, then create a password. 

  • Upon creating an account. Navigate to the “sell” option on the dashboard. 
  • Select the coin you intend to sell and the volume to sell.
  • Click on “sell now”
  • A crypto wallet is automatically generated to send your coins to. You also have the option of scanning a QR code too. 
  • As soon as the payment is confirmed, the equivalent price of your sold coin in the current market price is delivered to your local bank account. 
  • The payment time takes less than 5 minutes. 

Users find Dart Africa suitable because of the low trading charges and the fair conversion rate. Before selling is facilitated, you get to see the live price as would be shown on the platform’s calculator


The orthodox banking system’s inadequacy and other unfortunate happenings are ushering people out of the traditional banking community; people are desperately looking for means to get involved with the crypto ecosystem. The button line is PayPal, although on its platform, hasn’t yet included USDT on its crypto list, yet you can leverage an exchange to purchase USDT while still paying with PayPal funds.