Where To Buy Defi Crypto

Firstly, understand what DeFi is, then proceed to the crypto types under it. DeFi is a portmanteau of “Decentralized finance”, a section of the crypto world that embodies an internet-based financial system. DeFi consists of protocols and financial applications that primarily exist on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of this development is the eradication of the intermediary structure, as seen in the traditional fiat monetary system. 

You would attest to the fact that financial institutions that serve as intermediary channels like banks and other bodies are characterized by certain rigors. DeFi eradicates these using “smart contract”, it functions as a self-executing agreement; a seamless predefined and automated digital script that permits software to execute smart functions. 

And so far, DeFi transactions have been relatively swiffer, more trustworthy, and more secure. And as such, has attracted a lot of investors over the years. Not to neglect the fact that this branch of finance is relatively new, so it is normal that the way to become a part of it is foggy and hazy. So this article gives a clearer picture. 

Where exactly can I then get DeFi crypto to buy? 

DeFi crypto or DeFi coins are digital-based assets and can be traded, bought, or sold on Decentralized solutions referred to as DApps (a portmanteau of DeFi Apps). Although not every DApps offers you the luxury of selling, buying, or general trading. Some only allow you to lend and earn from it, or borrow and pay for it. Many decentralized solutions and several exchanges grant you access to acquire DeFi crypto coins. 

A seamless way to buy DeFi crypto is leveraging Metamask; it is a mobile and web-based wallet that not just allows for crypto acquisition, but also permits the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain world where commonly, DeFi coins are developed. 

You can buy DeFi crypto from CoinMarketcap. It gives you access to any DeFi crypto of your choice. This platform has a part of it tagged “market” close to the price chat area. Upon navigating there, you get to see a list of areas where you can buy DeFi coins. Although they vary; so each comes with a specific currency with which it can be purchased. 

Guide On Buying DeFi Coins

First Step: Choose a wallet

The way to begin is by choosing a wallet and setting it up. Wallet type varies with different structures and channels through which DeFi purchase is made possible. However, it is advisable to choose a type that’s pretty much compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, as it’s the choice of a pool of investors. Also, you’re open to a large DeFi protocol pool. Metamask is one such. 

Second step: Buy a DeFi coin

At this stage, this is the question that must be satisfied; what DeFi protocols do I want to become a part of? Ensure the coin you buy aligns with your intent. And as mentioned earlier, most coins exist on the Ethereum blockchain, which means you’re highly likely to purchase ether coins. 

Notice On Exchanges

Essential to participating in the crypto community is understanding the need to adopt which decentralized exchange for what use. It remains true that some exchanges quite suffice greatly, especially when evaluated on a broader concept of general feature functionality and available advantages, nonetheless, take heed to observe those developed for specific functions. For instance, Dart Africa, although it didn’t measure up to Binance’s level, has a better crypto-to-cash conversion mechanism and seamless process. And there’s an amazing sign-up rate to show for it. 

Too bad that only Nigerian and Ghanaian crypto traders are offered this. Region-based crypto facilities are known for effectiveness. The message remains — research and evaluate exchanges to know which is best for what, especially if the function you intend to carry out is of paramount essence. 


To begin with DeFi coin or crypto, you need to understand what it’s all about. On this hotbed of innovation, you can take advantage of the many non-custodial financial services offered by different developers. It all depends on what you’re looking at. But here, we narrowed it down to buying DeFi crypto assets. Many people erroneously assert that crypto is the only aspect of DeFi there is. 

DeFi is a far broader concept; although it encapsulates crypto, albeit, it surpasses it. A fine analogy would be the internet and emails; the internet being DeFi and email being crypto. When the internet started, people were only allowed to send mail. Similarly, the advent of DeFi only came with crypto, specifically Bitcoin. 

But we have seen how the internet exploded into multiple facets and pathways that allowed for diverse possibilities. DeFi, in a similar manner, spans beyond solely crypto, especially now with the rise of NFTs that has over time, become a fast-rising DeFi sector.