How to set up Binance App for PC?

set up Binance App for PC: Binance offers a wide range of cryptocurrency-related services which attract millions of users worldwide on a daily basis. This has led to the need to make their services accessible via more than one platform. If they used just the web-based platform as the only means of access, it is very likely to crash frequently and cost more to manage for them. This has increased the need for creating an easy means of accessibility for users, by creating mobile and desktop applications. All of their services can be accessed via their various platforms and there are also services that make use of an in-app web. 

set up Binance App for PC

set up Binance App for PC
set up Binance App for PC

The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded easily from their individual application stores.

Binance is a fantastic online exchange platform for trading anytime, anywhere. It also supports QR codes for more secure logins and transactions and provides an API if you’re interested in integrating your own trading application into Binance. The Binance desktop application is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users and comes with a lot of features as that of the web-based platform. It can be downloaded and installed from the Binance official website.

set up Binance App for PC
set up Binance App for PC

The Binance desktop application is very simple, users can easily use it to buy, sell, trade, list, and withdraw cryptocurrency, among other things. After passing their KYC, you can fund your account, launch your first bitcoin venture, and create your own portfolio for free, there are hosts of services you can sift through. Binance places emphasis on security and user protection with Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), which is one of the best things about the Binance platform. 

Although it’s not entirely created with newbies in mind, Binance’s ease of use and customization are nonetheless fantastic features. The installation process of the desktop application is the same across all pc, you just have to download the one specific to your operating system. After downloading, locate the downloaded file and proceed to install it, and within a few minutes, you’re done. 

Installing Binance App on PC

After installation, the Binance desktop application offers several login choices, letting you sign in with your email address, phone number, or a QR code reader. Also, if you haven’t yet made an account, you may still sign in as a guest to explore some of their essential services. The Binance logo for the Home tab, Markets, Buy Crypto, Trade, Futures, Margin, and All are some of the several icons that make up the ribbon panel on the left side of the interface.

Some of these launch a little pop-up that displays more tabs. For instance, the “All” tab includes almost all of the platform’s features, including information about your Account and services like News, Crypto Loans, and Savings. The Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of your Binance desktop application allows you to change how it functions, including how it looks and notifies you. A search box at the top will enable you to look up current bitcoin trends. Support for multiple accounts is another recently released feature for the Binance desktop application.

How to Trade your crypto for cash

set up Binance App for PC
set up Binance App for PC

The Binance desktop application also allows you to deposit and withdraw your cryptocurrency assets. Should you be willing to convert your crypto asset on your Binance desktop app to fiat, you can easily do that with the fast-growing DartAfrica web-based platform. DartAfrica can help you convert your crypto assets such as USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, and BUSD to fiat and deposit it instantly into your bank account. To make use of the DartAfrica platform, sign up here and set up your account in just under 5 minutes or less. After signing up and setting up your account fully, proceed with the following;

  1. Click on Sell Coins and select the coin you wish to sell,
  2. Enter the amount in USD, you wish to sell and the equivalent cryptocurrency will be shown to you or you input the cryptocurrency value and the USD value is shown to you (min value is $20).
  3. In the last text box, the amount you will see is the fiat equivalent you will receive (NGN or GHS for now). Proceed to click Sell Coins Now and instantly a wallet address (and barcode) for the cryptocurrency you wish to sell will be displayed.
  4. Head over to your Binance desktop and paste the address in the withdrawal section of the app. Input the amount you wish to withdraw (including minimal fees).
  5. After completing the withdrawal, proceed back to DartAfrica and you can see your transaction progress in the Trades dashboard. When it is completed, your fiat will be deposited in your DartAfrica Wallet and you can proceed to withdraw it to your local bank without any extra charges. It’s that easy.

The unique thing about DartAfrica is that you don’t need to keep your cryptocurrency asset on the platform, all you just send from your wallet is the amount you wish to sell, and after 2 block confirmations your local bank provided during sign-up is credited instantly.

For those interested in virtual currencies, Binance desktop is a wonderful online crypto exchange platform to have on your pc. The entire user experience between the desktop app and the Binance website is one of the most significant differences. The desktop app quickly displays portions of the trading platform that occasionally may take a while to load on the website due to varied internet speeds in different places, despite the fact that the interfaces for both platforms are similar. Although lacking several features that would make it easier to use and more tailored for newcomers, it nonetheless offers a wide range of tools and services to assist you in managing and securing your bitcoin funds.

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