How To Sell USDC For Ghana Cedis

A cryptocurrency called as Dollar Coin (USDC) is also referred to as a stable coin. Its pricing is constant since 1 USD Coin can always be redeemed for $1.00 US. Because the value of USDC is pegged to the dollar, it is intended to always remain stable at 1 USDC to $1. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the volatility of crypto coins has no impact on USDC or other stable coins.

What are Stable Coins?

Stable Coins are digital currencies whose values are linked to those of other commodities, assets, or financial instruments. Stablecoins aim to offer an alternative to cryptocurrencies’ extreme volatility, which has made them less appropriate for widespread usage in transactions and is a feature of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies like it.

How To Sell USDC For Ghana Cedis

With Dart Africa, you can quickly exchange your USDC for cash. We provide our services in both Nigeria and Ghana, hence we accept Ghana Cedis and Naira as payment. With over 15,000 trades completed, Dart Africa is a seasoned cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can rely on us to easily convert your USDC to Cedis.

Why choose Dart Africa over others:

Exchange rate: Before trading on any platform, many cryptocurrency traders take the exchange rate into account. We at Dart Africa provide the best rate on the cryptocurrency exchange market. We have implemented a live coin calculator feature on our platform because the cryptocurrency market is a turbulent one, but USDC is a stablecoin and the exchange rate stays the same for a very long period as a result. Using the Dart Africa rate calculator, you can always check the current value of your USDC and other cryptocurrencies and you’ll always find a good rate for them.Payment Time: How long it takes to receive paid for your cryptocurrency is a significant factor that separates mediocre exchange platforms from exceptional exchange platforms. We provide an automated cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables us to release funds shortly after verifying the coin transaction. You will receive cash in your Dart Africa account practically immediately after the transaction is approved by our system if you follow the instructions for selling USDC on Dart Africa and send the coin to the supplied wallet address by scanning the bar code or manually entering the address. To sell cryptocurrencies on Dart Africa, you must first register for an account.Easy to use: Regardless of trading experience, consumers may quickly and easily use the Dart Africa website and mobile app and sell their cryptocurrencies with a few clicks. Your time on the site will start with a relaxing homepage that has a wonderful user interface and experience; this is done on purpose to make your experience simple and enjoyable. On the Google Play Store, you may download our mobile application.24/7 customer service: Our customer support team is available around-the-clock to assist current and potential users with using the platform, selling their cryptocurrency there, or resolving any problems they may have had accessing our service.

How to trade your USDC for cash on Dart Africa — How To Sell USDC For Ghana Cedis

You must have an account with us in order to conduct a transaction on Dart Africa. Make an account using your legitimate information, or if you already have one, simply log in. A verification email will be sent to the email address you supplied if you are simply creating an account, so be sure to confirm your account.The system will ask you to generate a PIN when you first log in to your account; be sure to select a PIN you can remember. When you want to withdraw money from your account in the future, you will need this PIN.Update the account list on your Dart Africa Account with the information for your bank account.

How To Sell USDC For Ghana Cedis

A navigation menu will appear on the left side of your screen; click on sell coin and select USDC as your preferred coin for exchange. The value in naira will then be shown.After you click “start trade,” their system will automatically generate a wallet address with a bar code. Send your cryptocurrency to this address, and after two block confirmations, the money will be transferred to your Dart Africa account. Keep in mind that you can send any amount to the supplied wallet address, and their system will credit you for that amount.To transfer the money to your bank account, click Withdraw when the payment has been distributed to your Dart Africa account. If you want to verify that the money has been transferred to your bank account, check your transaction history.