How To Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria 2023

Notwithstanding the government’s ban and financial restrictions, Bitcoin is a well-known and traded cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

While there are some challenges with this, the majority of the age groups that trade bitcoin in the nation are young people who are interested in adopting cryptocurrencies.

This post explains when, when, and how to easily sell your bitcoin in Nigeria for the greatest possible price.

Bitcoin Trading: Buying And Selling Bitcoin In Nigeria

Nigeria placed third globally in terms of bitcoin trade volume using solely local currencies in 2020, according to Statista.

According to this statistic, Nigeria is a nation that has a significant investment in cryptocurrencies. As of 2022, Nigeria trades twice as much bitcoin as the United Kingdom does, for a total of nearly $400.8 million.

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is the gold standard, and unlike the Naira produced by the Central Bank of Nigeria or any other form of government-issued money, it is not governed by a single entity or institution. Anyone in Nigeria can trade it, regardless of their place of origin, age, or status, which has aided in its widespread adoption in that country.

So, people who are unfamiliar with bitcoin trading should understand how to fast sell bitcoin in Nigeria right now.

Approved Method Of Selling Bitcoin In Nigeria

Here are the two main ways that Nigerians can sell their bitcoin.

Crypto Exchanges

If you’re looking for a location to sell your bitcoin in Nigeria, this is your first choice. Dart Africa is the most dependable option developed just for Nigerians if you’re a Nigerian trying to sell cryptocurrency legally in Nigeria. Dart Africa is breaking down financial barriers and bringing financial inclusion to Nigerians and Ghanaians. We offer our exchange service to both nationalities.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

One of the most popular ways to sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria is via online peer-to-peer trading platforms. Binance P2P is a well-known peer-to-peer exchange platform.

Dart Africa is for you if:

You need quick payment for your cryptocurrency.To get a good trading rate for your cryptocurrencyA simple to use and browse platformYou want a platform that has no chance of defrauding you.

How To Sell Your Bitcoin On Dart Africa

To sell your cryptocurrency, you must have an account with Dart Africa. You only need to provide your login information if you are an existing user.

Create an account with a valid email if you are new to our platform.

valid email addressphone numberpreferred username &password.

– You will be prompted to create a 4-digit PIN during your first login. This PIN will be used to verify transactions on your account.

– A sell coin interface with a grid structure is available on your account dashboard. Enter the amount in dollars or units and the sort of coin you want to trade. It will be converted to your native currency via the coin calculator (Naira or Cedi). It should be noted that the minimum quantity of cryptocurrency you can trade on Dart Africa is $20.

– The system will give you a wallet address to send your cryptocurrency to after you click “sell coin now,” along with the necessary details to guarantee a successful and legal transaction. The quantity of cryptocurrency you send to the given address will determine how much credit you receive, not the amount you enter into the coin calculator.

– Your account will be credited as soon as our team has confirmed the cryptocurrency transaction. Be aware that the time it takes to complete a cryptocurrency transaction varies depending on the blockchain. For example, while a USDT transaction may take two minutes or less to complete, a Bitcoin transaction may take up to fifteen minutes or longer.

How to Withdraw your funds after selling Bitcoin

It is simple and quick to withdraw money from your Dart Africa account. To take money out of Dart Africa:

Register an account with Dart Africa.Click on Withdraw in the withdrawal area of the website.Choose “proceed” after specifying the withdrawal amount.Choose the bank to which you want to send money. If you haven’t already, you must add your bank information.Type in the transaction PIN.After you confirm the transaction, you will see the monies in your bank account.