In the digital age, where investment opportunities are just a click away, the line between lucrative ventures and fraudulent schemes can be dangerously thin. Enter SUBSONICTRADINGS, a broker that promises substantial returns and a seamless trading experience. But can they be trusted? In this detailed review, we peel back the layers of SUBSONICTRADINGS to reveal the truth behind their operations.

Broker Details

  • Investment Category: Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Regulation Status/License: Unregulated
  • Website:
  • Physical Address: James Street, Kingstown, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, P.O. Box 1574
  • Contact:
  • Jurisdiction: Offshore


Determining the legitimacy of an online broker like SUBSONICTRADINGS involves scrutinizing various aspects of their operations. One critical factor is their regulatory status. SUBSONICTRADINGS operates without any recognized regulatory license, which is a significant red flag. Offshore brokers, especially those based in jurisdictions like St. Vincent and the Grenadines, often escape stringent regulatory oversight, increasing the risk for investors.

Additionally, their website is currently live and operational, but this alone is not a guarantee of legitimacy. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a public warning against SUBSONICTRADINGS, explicitly stating that they are operating without authorization (FCA warning). Such warnings are not to be taken lightly as they highlight the potential dangers of engaging with unregulated entities.

Further red flags include:

  • Lack of Transparency: Limited information about their operational practices and team.
  • Negative User Reviews: Multiple reports of withdrawal issues and unresponsive customer service.
  • Aggressive Marketing: Promises of high returns with little to no risk, which is often a hallmark of fraudulent schemes.

What to Do if You Have Been Scammed Out of Money

Falling victim to an online scam can be a distressing experience, but there are steps you can take to mitigate the damage and potentially recover your funds:

  1. Report the Scam: Immediately report the fraud to your local law enforcement and financial regulatory authorities. This helps in tracking the scammers and preventing them from duping others.
  1. Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company: Inform your bank or credit card issuer about the scam. They may be able to reverse fraudulent transactions or stop further unauthorized charges.
  2. Gather Evidence: Compile all communication, transaction records, and any other relevant documentation. This will be crucial when reporting the scam and seeking legal action.
  3. Seek Professional Help: Consider consulting with a reputable funds recovery service. These companies specialize in tracing and recovering lost funds from scammers.

Got Scammed by SUBSONICTRADINGS or Other Brokers?

If you’ve been scammed by SUBSONICTRADINGS or any other fraudulent broker, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Many victims feel isolated and helpless, but there are resources and support systems available to assist you. Refer to the previous section for initial steps to take.

One of the significant challenges in recovering lost funds is finding a legitimate and professional recovery company. The market is flooded with bogus entities that prey on scam victims, often promising recovery services for upfront fees and then disappearing with your money. It’s crucial to be cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging with any recovery firm.

How to Get the Best Lost Funds Recovery Services

For those seeking reliable funds recovery services, Cronus Tech stands out as a premier choice. Here’s why Cronus Tech is considered the best in the industry:

  • Free Consultation: They offer a no-obligation consultation to assess your case and determine the best course of action.
  • No Upfront Payments: Unlike many other recovery services, Cronus Tech does not require any upfront fees, ensuring you only pay if they succeed in recovering your funds.
  • Legal Team Collaboration: They work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure a comprehensive and legal approach to fund recovery.
  • High-Tech IT Team: Specializing in funds tracing and employing the latest technology to track and recover your money.
  • Forensics Team: Skilled in analyzing fraudulent schemes and gathering the necessary evidence for successful recovery.
  • Quick Processing: They prioritize swift action to maximize the chances of fund recovery before scammers can disappear.
  • High Success Rate and Happy Clients: A proven track record of successful recoveries and satisfied customers testifies to their effectiveness.

In conclusion, navigating the aftermath of a scam can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. Contact Cronus Tech for the best and most trustworthy funds recovery services. They provide the expertise, dedication, and resources needed to help you reclaim what is rightfully yours. Remember, taking prompt and decisive action increases your chances of a successful recovery. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and don’t let scammers get the last word.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with this investment opportunity. Your review offered clarity and valuable insights.

  2. After investing $70,000 in a high-yield scheme, I realized I had been scammed. A friend recommended Cronus Tech, and their team’s expertise was evident from the start. They traced the funds diligently and provided detailed reports that helped the authorities in their investigation. With their support, I managed to recover most of my money. Cronus Tech is a beacon of hope for scam victims. Provide them with all your evidence, and they will fight for you.

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