How To Get My GTBank NUBAN Number

Founded by a group of Nigerian and British entrepreneurs as a limited liability company, GTBank or Guaranty Trust Bank began operations with the aim of providing exceptional banking services to its customers. Over the years, GTBank has experienced significant growth and expansion, commencing operations in January 1991 in Nigeria and continued growth internationally. It has become renowned for its customer-centric approach, innovative banking solutions, and commitment to excellence. GTBank has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the Nigerian banking sector. It was one of the early adopters of internet banking in Nigeria, and it has consistently introduced innovative products and services to enhance the banking experience for its customers. This includes mobile banking apps, internet banking platforms, and digital payment solutions. The NUBAN, which stands for “Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number” is a system introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to standardize the numbering of bank accounts in Nigeria and make electronic transactions more efficient and accurate.

How To Get Your GTBank NUBAN Number

A GT Bank account is a special 10-digit NUBAN number you get when you open an account. It’s unique, like your phone number, so no one else has the same one. GT Bank account numbers usually start with 00, 01, or 02, followed by nine more digits, although there can be exceptions. You can find your GTBank account number on your bank statement, in the mobile app, through internet banking, or on your cheques. But if you forget it or lose where you wrote it down, you can use a USSD code to get it back. To find your GTBank account’s NUBAN number via USSD, simply dial *737*6*1# on your phone with the number registered with that particular account, and it will be sent to you as an SMS.

How To Enable GTBank USSD Service

  1. How to transfer money to an account with GTBank’s USSD *737*1*Amount* Account Number# (For GTBank accounts), *737*2*Amount*Account Number# (For other Banks) after which you will select the destination bank and input your pin setup in the step above.
  2. How to check account balance with GTBank’s USSD *737*6*1#. Your GTBank account balance will display on the screen and also on your SMS message. 
  3. How to request for a loan with GTBank’s USSD *737*8*2#
  4. How to buy airtime with GTBank’s USSD *737*Amount#
  5. How to buy airtime for others with GTBank’s USSD *737*Amount*Phone Number#.
  6. How to purchase data with GTBank’s USSD *737*4#
  7. How to generate OTP with GTBank’s USSD *737*7#.

How To Get Your BVN

The BVN (Bank Verification Number) is a special 11-digit code given to everyone with a bank account in Nigeria. It’s like a secret code that connects your personal details to your bank accounts in different banks, making transactions safe. To get your BVN from GTBank, just dial *565*0# on your phone, and you’ll get it by SMS. Remember, there’s a ₦20 charge for this service, and it works on all networks like MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo, for all banks in Nigeria.

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