How to buy shares online in Nigeria

If you are wondering how shares are bought in Nigeria, it’s probably because you want to diversify your investment portfolio and increase your earning potential, and that’s great. Investing in shares in Nigeria is one that you’ll never regret if done right and on the right platform. The truth is everyone has heard about shares one way or the other, but not all of us know the true meaning. In this article, you will learn all about shares and how to buy shares online in Nigeria without stress. 

What are shares?

Shares represent the equity capital of a company that can be purchased by members of the society that are not necessarily part of the company. While most businesses issue shares, only publicly listed corporations’ shares are exchanged on stock markets. Once you purchase the shares of a company, you become a shareholder. There are two major types of shares, and they are ordinary shares and preferred shares. The latter confers voting rights and appreciation dividends on the shareholders, while the former is the type that doesn’t appreciate but may be redeemed at a discount. 

A comprehensive guide: Buying shares in Nigeria

As a beginner in the Nigerian stock market, you should be prepared to make some mistakes, as with any beginner. However, proper guidance will reduce your chances of making losses and avoid mistakes. Investing in shares is usually a w bittersweet experience because we have no control over the exchange market. One minute, you’re full of joy that the prices of your shares have spiralled, and the next, you’re angry that the prices dropped and might even regret investing in the first place. It’s a normal thing, and that is why investing in shares is not for the weak. This article intends to make the whole process more seamless for you. To invest in Shares online in Nigeria, follow the steps below.

Carry out extensive research before selecting a stock broker online

There are different online stock brokers like CM Trading, Octafx, FXTM, FP Markets, Stanbic IBTC stockbrokers, and lots more. Making a decision might be quite difficult, and that is why you research them before making a decision. When researching these platforms, you must take cognizance of their fee schedule, customer service, and the effectiveness of their financial advice. If your financial goals align with the platform, go ahead and create an account. 

Fund your trading account

If you already planned a particular amount to invest in shares, you are on the right track, but also ensure that it’s not your life savings. You must imagine scenarios where the market crashes and ask yourself if there would be anything left to fall back on. As an investor, never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your portfolio. It is very important that you invest in other investment vehicles like cryptocurrency or Bonds. Essentially, share your funds and only invest what you’re willing to let go. 

Research stock options 

Identify companies with public shares and evaluate different stock options. Don’t settle for less. If you have friends who have invested and earned from investing in shares, ask them for advice so you don’t make any mistakes.

Choose the number of individual shares to buy

You should never be under the impression that you must acquire a certain number of shares or your whole portfolio at once. Begin with purchasing a single stock to get a feel for owning an individual stock and whether you are willing to risk more. After making a decision, you can place an order and start trading.

Too risky? Invest in crypto by selling USDT on Dart Africa 

You are probably wondering why crypto is the alternative to shares when the market has been shaky lately. The good thing about cryptocurrency is its diversity. There are different types of cryptocurrency out there, the conventional types like Bitcoin and Ethereum, The stable coins like USDT and USDC, the meme coins like Dogecoin and Floki inu and lots more. The best way to go in the bear market is the way of the Stablecoins because the volatility of the exchange market hardly deters their value. The value of USDT is tied to 1 USD; the same goes for USDC. If you want to earn in the crypto market, trade your USDT with the best crypto platform in Africa, Dart Africa.

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