4 Ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria

Ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria; There’s a chance that in the course of events, you’ve at some point wondered about easy ways to send money from the US to Nigeria. Compared to citizens of other countries, Nigerians find it difficult to receive money from abroad, all thanks to the bad name from the high rate of cyber crimes and other reported cases of scams among Nigerians, which is skyrocketing daily.

Many FinTech companies are shutting their doors to Nigerians, this is seen as they close features through which Nigerians can receive funds. PayPal is an example. However, despite this deplorable state of things, there are easy ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria.

Sending Money To Nigeria From The US; Available Options To Choose From 

Ways to send money from USA to Nigeria
4 ways to send money from USA to Nigeria

If you’re in the US, and you’re looking for Ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria, you can rest assured that you have a pool of options. 

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the world’s leading Fintech companies operating in Nigeria that is big on reliability, via which from the US, money can be sent to Nigeria. Payoneer provides its users with receiving accounts of different currencies, ranging from USD, Euros, GBP, etc. With this, you can not just send money from the US to Nigeria, but also to many other countries from around the world where Payoneer is functional. With Payoneer, you can send money to people with either of these two options.

  1. Wire transfer
  2. Local bank transfer
(A). Wire transfer

The SWIFT network facilitates the Payoneer wire transfer, aiding users from anywhere around the world to carry out transactions in real-time. It’s one of the world’s most extensive messaging systems integrated into Payoneer’s functionality to aid time efficiency. It’s pretty easy to sign up

(B). Local bank transfer

For Payoneer local bank transfer, it’s only for people who want to receive money from other people within the same country. So it’s not an option for international transactions. 


Compared to other platforms, Payoneer charges way too high. This can pass for being ridiculously expensive. It takes a huge chunk out of what the receiver gets at the end of the day. Nigerian freelancers often complain about this. 

2. Grey

Ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria

If you’re looking at Ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria, best believe that Grey is one of your best options; both in cost-effectiveness and reliability. Grey is a global banking service provider that encapsulates a USD account to receive dollars, after which it can then be swapped on the platform at a fair naira rate and be withdrawn locally. 

With Grey’s financial services, both the sender and receiver are spared of exorbitant fees, unnecessary delays, and the hurdles that come with opting for a domiciliary account. 

How can I create a Grey account to receive money from the US? 

  • To be able to receive money from the US, you’ll first have to sign up
  • The next stage brings you to a page where you’re to correctly fill in some important information. Ensure the details tally with the ID card you intend to use.
  • Complete your KYC process by uploading any government-issued ID card.
  • Access the “Accounts and Report” channel from whence you can request a USD account. 

3. Crypto 

Crypto is technically another way through which one can send money from the US to Nigeria since crypto is used in many establishments across big firms around the world as a means of transaction. All it takes is to send crypto across to a recipient who then converts it to naira. The receiver can employ the service of a crypto vendor or a good decentralized exchange. 

(A). Crypto Vendor

Using the service of a crypto vendor here means having the vendor serve as a third party between the sender and the receiver. The sender transfers crypto to the vendor’s wallet at an agreed price, then the said vendor sends the equivalent of the received crypto to the receiver after having confirmed the sent crypto. However, this can be very risky. 

(B). Decentralized exchange (DEX)

If you’re in the US and want to send money to Nigeria, crypto is fast, safe, and reliable. Using a DEX for this purpose means sending Bitcoin or any altcoin to a receiver’s crypto wallet, who then directly converts it to naira on the platform, or using the P2P feature to sell according to their preferred terms, price, and conditions. 

Dart Africa; Converting Crypto To Cash

Ways To Send Money From USA To Nigeria

Of the many great qualities that define an effective conversion platform, timeliness, good rate and ease of use stand out. It’s great to know that these are the qualities that characterize Dart Africa, one of the fast-rising crypto conversion platforms designed to suit the conversion needs of the Nigerian and Ghanaian crypto communities. Its primary function is to help convert crypto to Naira and Cedis.

Words on many review websites, and PlayStore, spell its reliability, which is a giant reason for the amazing daily sign ups it has been recording over the years. Dart Africa’s functionality is built on a user-first system where newbies and experts can find value. How to sell on Dart Africa is easy and straightforward. On the platform is a coin calculator that first shows the real-time conversion rate of every coin. This way,  users can know what they are signing up for.