How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Investment

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Investment; Making money online in Nigeria is possible by leveraging different means. The first side of the page would require substantial financing, which would, in the long run, result in fruition. The other side requires mental efforts and strategic steps, without necessarily placing financial grease on the wheel that rolls you to earnings.  

A common hurtful case among some Nigerians in past years is being filled with the eagerness to make honest online earnings and not have the funds that’d give a push. This hasn’t been much of a problem in recent times, as to make money online in Nigeria without investment has been made relatively easier. Let me walk you through it.  

Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Investment ; What To Know 

Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Investment
Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Investment

You must understand that since an integral part of making money online requires financial investment, if money should be taken out of the equation, then an uncommon value must be set on the table to replace it. Below are possible ways out.

1. Become a person of value on social media 

Social media brand influencers are one of the big things these days, and people are trying to secure a good spot for themselves therein. To get started, you need to be a person of value.

How does it make sense that becoming a person of value on the internet would help you make money online in Nigeria without investment? Becoming a person of value on social media means exuding a valuable trait to have you dish out content that can serve people for comic relief, life hacks, or any area of importance. 

If you’re consistent enough with this to have larger social media followership, then in no time, you can serve as a brand influencer for different organizations and get paid for publicizing their products or services. The only thing invested here is time. 

2. Become a tutor

Tutorship is quite a cool way to earn money online in Nigeria without investing. However, in this case, you’ll have to prove you’re a strong and valuable force in the area in which you intend to offer tutorship — of course, the depth of the value you provide has a good extent of proportionality to the level of your earnings. 

You can also leverage a platform like Udemy that allows you to create courses that can serve as a passive income stream. Another direction to look at is YouTube. Creating YouTube videos and releasing them in batches in important streams of knowledge can fetch you a fortune. 

3. Become a freelancer

The concept of freelancing borders on selling services to clients without a long-term type of commitment. To get into freelancing, do due diligence on the most sought-after skills, learn them, and start offering services. One such area is writing. SEO writing especially is one area to look at. Although it’s an advanced form of writing, it’s worth the effort and it pays handsomely in the long run. 

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, if well explored, can have you securing good jobs. Facebook and Twitter too are good grounds to source for jobs as long as you’re good with strategically positioning yourself — on social media, it takes an intentional effort of getting into circles of people you share common job interests with, to easily secure gigs.

4. Offer proofreading services 

Offering to help with vetting and proofreading is a nice way to fetch money online in Nigeria. Proofreading also means bringing alive the right formatting in content too. Although it takes a good writer to have fine eyes for details and spot errors in content; improper grammar, typography, and punctuation errors. To be a good proofreader, you must have a sound knowledge of good sentence construction, usage of tenses, and the basic components of language; syntax, semantics, morphology, and phonology. 

Convert Crypto To Fiat

After having made gains from crypto trading, the next thing is usually to take profits and convert to local fiat on decentralized exchanges. However, some of these exchanges come with ridiculous charges and complex interfaces. 

The developers of Dart Africa understood the assignment well enough to know that exchanges built on a generic format will hardly find relevance to a large user base. Hence the creation of this platform is tailored to meet the peculiar conversion needs of just the Nigerian and Ghanaian crypto community. And it’s a statement of effectiveness that over a short timeframe it has amassed a good number of users, you can sign up too. 

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