How To Use PayPlux For Selling Cryptocurrencies In Ghana

How To Use PayPlux For Selling Cryptocurrencies In Ghana; Knowing that Ghana sits at the 9th place on the list of the 27 countries with crypto ownership, spelling how big it is on crypto, this article has been structured to serve as a guide that would walk you through how to use PayPlux for selling cryptocurrencies in Ghana, as a way to provide Ghanaians with a good decentralized exchange option. 

The world of crypto is advancing, and it is great that Ghanaians are very much matching this energy, such that they have their region-based crypto-to-fiat conversion platform like Dart Africa, which has been made functional in Nigeria, one of the world crypto juggernauts. 

Selling Cryptocurrencies In Ghana Using PayPlux; How To Get Started

PayPlux has been around for more than 10 years and has gathered a rich dose of experience in the crypto ecosystem. Ghanaians can enjoy its services only if they’re able to understand how it works. PayPlux allows Ghanaians to receive payment in their local Ghanaian Cedis. The luxury of two options here is the web and mobile platforms.

To sell cryptocurrencies on PayPlux:

Step 1. 

You need to first create an account.

Step 2. 

On your homepage, there’s a section that gives you the option to select a desired crypto transaction you wish to carry out; sell and buy. Tap on “sell.”

Step 3. 

A box just right underneath the section above would appear below to allow you to choose the amount that you intend to sell. There’s a limit to buying and selling. This can vary between customers as not everyone has attained the same KYC level. 

How To Use PayPlux For Selling Cryptocurrencies In Ghana
How To Use PayPlux For Selling Cryptocurrencies In Ghana

Step 4.

However, in most cases, regardless of KYC level, the least amount to sell is 300 Cedis. Next, click on the “proceed” button to take you to the next page. 

Step 5.

To meet diverse users’ preferences, this platform provides different options with which you can receive payment. Select your preferred option and tap on the “send” button. The options are usually:

  1. Cash-out wallet 
  2. Mobile money
  3. Bank deposit
  4. Cash pickup

Step 6.

Among the aforementioned options, a bank deposit would be just fine as you can have your fiat in your local Ghanaian Cedis. Mobile money too is great too, however, if you have created an account with a cash-out wallet, then opt for it if need be. 

Step 7.

For the sake of this article, we’ll opt for the mobile money option. Tapping on this option brings you to a new page where you choose your preferred network. The options are MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash, and AirtelTigo money. 

How To Use PayPlux For Selling Cryptocurrencies In Ghana

Step 8. 

If you opt for MTN mobile money, then you’ll have to, on a new page, choose the “subscriber” option. There are two options there; “Subscriber” and “Merchant”.  Then next, impute your mobile money number (the number you intend for your funds to be sent to). 

Step 9. 

On that same page (as in step 8), just right underneath the “Merchant” option is a box where you would have to impute the account name association to the already imputed mobile money number. Then click on “continue” to take you to a new page. 

Step 10

This step necessitates that you confirm the accuracy of all your imputed details, they will be listed for you in this order;

Network — MTN mobile money

Account type — subscriber

Account name — (your name) 

Account number — your mobile money number

Step 11.

After cross-checking and confirming the correctness of the above details, then click on the “sell” button just right below. 

Step 12.

You’ll be offered two options; the first is the platform’s wallet address, and the second is a QR code. 

If you opt for the former, there’s a button beside the wallet address that allows you to copy, then take it to your Coinbase wallet and paste it into the recipient’s wallet address, then send the amount you had intended. However, you should add for charges, you should add 3 or 4 Cedis more as charges. 

Step 13

Here’s where you finalize the transaction. As soon as you input the PayPlux wallet address, Coinbase will send you a verification code. Impute the code. Proceeding further opens you to the Coinbase fee and the network fee. Choose the crypto from whence the charges will be deducted and tap on “send now”. As soon as the payment is confirmed, PayPlux funds your mobile money account. 


The relevance of PayPlux in the crypto trading atmosphere hasn’t dwindled a tad since its establishment. The aim has always been to create smooth accessibility to digital assets (which encompasses crypto) to the whole of Ghana and beyond. This is seen particularly with the availability of diverse payment methods offered here. 
Nonetheless, we have seen the bulky process involved here, and fact states that customers cherish simplicity, hence, most Ghanaians prefer Dart Africa with a far less complex process.

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