Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Investment

How To Make Legit Money Online In Nigeria

How To Make Legit Money Online In Nigeria; The advent of the internet came as an umbrella with many shades. And different people are tapping into the hues and tilting towards different directions they deem appropriate for themselves. These days, it is mostly about how to leverage it for wealth creation. 

There’s a chance that, as a Nigerian, you’ve been soaked in a pool of curiosity, wondering about the possibility of doable money-making schemes to venture into. If that’s the case, then best believe that you’re on the right track, as this article has been adorned with ornaments of details that would walk you through how to make legit money in Nigeria. 

4 Sure Ways To Make Money In Nigeria Online

How To Make Legit Money Online In Nigeria

As a student, a stay-at-home mother, or any self-employed person, you can make money online in Nigeria through:

  • Crypto-trading
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Writing

1. Crypto-trading

It is important that this starts with a warning. As much as crypto trading is one of the many great areas from whence Nigerians make money online, like a volcano, it is quite explosive. The volatility level here can be so financially fatal. Thus, hours, days, and months of practice using demo accounts would massively slash your possibility of suffering losses in no small way.

You must understand the different trading strategies and opt for one that aligns with your financial structure. Understand the risk factors involved and the conditions that promote certain market behaviors as shown by records. 

Nigerians are big on crypto, sitting quite comfortably in third place worldwide in countries with Bitcoin acquisitions. Trade, take profits, and use your Dart Africa account or any other conversion platform to directly convert gains to naira. 

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easy ways to make money online in Nigeria. The cool thing here is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily require capital to begin. As opposed to having a physical offline shop with loads of goods in it, affiliate marketing allows you to operate with solely an online presence. 

All you need to do is strike a deal with a person who has all of these, and promote the goods as though they are yours. There would be an agreement on the commission you’d be getting for any goods sold through you. 

For instance, if Mrs. Enoch deals in items of clothing and has a physical shop for them. You can agree with her to have you advertise the products as yours. This can be through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other online marketplaces. 

If a customer shows interest in a #1700 product, they’ll pay to your account, you then take your #200 commission and send the remaining #1500 (original product price) to Mrs. Enoch, then she sends the product to the customer. 

Although the subject of affiliate marketing spans this explanation, you can do your due diligence to cover more grounds on the subject matter. 

3. Blogging 

It’s common to hear Nigerian bloggers let out the “blogging not be beans” phrase, which softly translates to “blogging isn’t for the faint-hearted”. This spells out that it requires not just understanding the rudiments and modus operandi of blogging. It also demands a good grasp of technical know-how and a sufficient dose of perseverance to paddle on waters of consistency. 

The concept of blogging borders on writing helpful content and publishing them on your website. However, you must have a sound knowledge of SEO so that your content can reach a wider user range. This is a requirement as your earning as a blogger has a direct proportionality to the range of reached internet users. 

4. Writing

Writing is a good way to make money online in Nigeria. The world of writing explodes into multiple facets. What facets meet your ability? If you’re already a good writer, skilling up into being a technical content writer, website content writer (SEO writer), copywriter, or creative writer could fetch you a fortune online. Otherwise, you’ll have to attend classes, read good writing books, and practice as many times as necessary.

Also, an integral part of writing, as is required for an excellent job delivery, is embedded in a writer’s research quality, fluidity of understanding what has been researched, and the mental juice to further wittily convey the message following the principles of structured data. 


With the crumbling economy and the deplorable structure of the Nigerian state, it would have been more than hell for Nigerians if the internet hadn’t been very much serving as a fertile ground for wealth mining. There is a pool of other options that Nigerians can leverage to make money online, however, these listed here are sure ways that have stood the test of time. 

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