Best Paying Survey Sites In Nigeria

Best Paying Survey Sites In Nigeria; In a dwindling economy, the diversification of earning streams for Nigerians is very important. They have been leveraging survey sites as a means of earning passive income. However, not all of these sites that are open to participation have features and regulations that are favorable to participants. The best paying survey sites for Nigerians are sites that are characterized by a wide array of payment options, fair payment threshold, ease of participation, and a seamless withdrawal of earnings. 

Participating in surveys is a good hit for people with disabilities, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and whoever wishes to fetch from the internet river of wealth. Perhaps you’ve been nursing the idea of having a side hustle to fatten up your income stream, then you might want to look at some good survey sites in Nigeria that pay well. 

What Is An Online Survey? 

Perhaps you’re wondering what an online survey is. The concept of a survey is born from the need to improve products and services to be up to par according to customers’ definitions. Companies can only make better products and offer better services if they can know the preferences of their targeted customers. 

So the idea of survey borders on reaching out to people that fall in the class of a company’s ideal audience, and have the said audience drop their take on how best services should be offered, or how products should be made. However, to have a reasonable amount of people turn up for this cause, companies offer incentives. 

List Of High-Paying Survey Sites In Nigeria

Best Paying Survey Sites In Nigeria
Best Paying Survey Sites In Nigeria

1. Surveoo

This is one of the most high-paying survey sites that offer Nigerians a chance to become a part of it. It offers a higher number of surveys in a relatively shorter timeframe. And upon the completion of each survey, a participant is paid $8, this way, survey participants easily reach their $20 payout threshold. 

Surveoo offers bonus rewards to participants that qualify for it, although there are tasks attached to this that must be met. Another way to earn from this survey website is via its sponsorship program. This program borders on having surveyors refer others to become a part of it, and thereafter, they are incentivized. 

From participants’ submissions, it has been gathered that this site mostly offers $0.50 and $1.50 more frequently for completed surveys. They revealed that the $8 pay-per-survey type doesn’t come frequently. The payment methods include PayPal and bank transfer. 

2. Honeygain

While we maintain that this site is a great way to earn online while in Nigeria, it is not a site for everyone. Earning here is based on shared unused internet. So unless you have a fast and unlimited internet plan, it is highly unlikely that you might find this relevant. All you need to do to become a part of this is to install the site’s program on your device. 

What happens next is that this installed program uses your unused bandwidth by sharing it among its clients for content delivery and web intelligence. Another way to earn here is via the referral program; you earn 10% from the earnings of every person that joins the survey via your invitation link. 

You get to earn $5 upon joining this survey, only on the condition that you joined via an invitation link, however, unless your earning reaches $20, you can’t cash it out. The payment methods here are Bitcoin and PayPal. Most Nigerians convert their Bitcoin on Dart Africa and get their funds in Niaira seamlessly. 

3. Surveyeah 

Surveyeah as a survey website, is characterized by the ease of use, fair payment threshold, and cool payment methods. It’s one of the few survey sites that have a specific site for Nigerian participants. Upon your signing up, you’ll instantly receive a mail call for a survey. However, you can take a walk through the website and get a hold of available surveys to participate. 

The payout threshold here is $10 and offers payment via Amazon gift cards and PayPal. The downside to this survey site, however, is that it doesn’t give many survey calls compared to others. So, you might just want to jump on it as an extra survey site and not a main one. 


There are quite a number of great survey sites through which Nigerians can generate passive income. Problems only come from failing to understand the conditions and terms that accompany them. There’s a slight difference in how these sites work, it’s contained in their official website. Doing due diligence before becoming a part of any, is key. 

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