How Much Is Spotify Subscription In Nigeria?

How Much Is Spotify Subscription In Nigeria; The popular saying, “music is food to the soul” would pass for being truer than any truth can ever be. There’s this tranquility and solemn aura that engulfs the air in your mental space each time a series of music from your favorite artists play on sweetly. However, the workings of the human subconscious mind function in a way that, when faced with the redundancy of things, with time, those things eventually metamorphose into a big bag of boringness. 

The developers of Spotify understand this well enough to have created a musical landscape that can serve as a storehouse of not just music, but of podcasts and videos where people can get a rich dose of endless entertainment from different sources. But because not many people grasp how this offer works, especially as it relates to payment, they cannot get on the boat. Not to worry, this article is structured to serve as an inroad into the inner walls of Spotify. 

Are There Various Spotify Offers In Nigeria? 

How Much Is Spotify Subscription In Nigeria
How Much Is Spotify Subscription In Nigeria

Yes. To be able to meet the diverse needs of different users, such that it’s flexible enough to appeal to different preferences, there are various Spotify Offers in Nigeria. Each type is accompanied by a unique price tag and feature. Spotify offers a monthly individual premium subscription that goes for #900 per month. 

A student subscription option goes for #450 per month, the couple’s/duo offer sells for #1,200 per month, and a family offer goes for #1,400 per month. The table below gives a precise explanation of the features that accompany each offer. 

Spotify Subscription Types And Features

Offer TypeFeaturesPrice
Individual offerOnly one account is permitted.Songs can be played in any order.The offer is add-free and can play anywhere. #900.00
Duo or couple offerSongs can be played in any order. Listening to music is add-free. Songs are played anywhere, offline inclusive. Students get special discounts (read as university students).#1,200.00
Student offerSongs can be played in any order. Listening to music is add-free.Songs are played anywhere, offline inclusive. Students get special discounts (read as university students).#450.00
Family offerListening to music is add-free.Songs can be played anywhere, including offline.The offer permits up to 6 premium accounts, albeit, only on the condition that all accounts are of users that live under the same roof.Explicit music is automatically blocked on this offer. 1,400.00

How Can I Set Up And Pay For A Spotify Account In Nigeria? 

Step 1. 

Setting up a Spotify account is pretty easy. The first step begins with downloading the Spotify app from either the apple store or play store, depending on the type of phone you use. 

Step 2. 

Accessing the app avails you to the “sign up” option, you have the luxury of options to sign up with either your Facebook account or email.

Step 3. 

Now that the account is created, access the Spotify premium option. 

Step 4.

Go through the list of offers (plans) and click on the one you’re more convenient with. 

Step 5.

At this stage, you’re brought to a payment page, enter your card details and confirm the transaction. Then enjoy your music of choice all day. Life is good after all. 


Quite worthy to mention is the fact that, there’s a slim possibility of your debit card not sufficing for this cause, as a few instances have proven so. In the event of this occurrence, a cool option is to use a virtual card, you can easily get it from a chipper. Ensure that you specifically request a Nigerian virtual card. 

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Conclusively, the amount paid on a Spotify subscription in Nigeria is dependent on the offer you wish to settle for. It’s very easy to sign up on it if you can be careful enough to follow the laid-out process. Ever since the launch of Spotify in Nigeria, the average number of streams artists get per user has skyrocketed up to 60%. And over the years, the user-generated playlist by Nigerian music fans have reached up to 1.3 million. You can get started already. 

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