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How To Verify Binance In Nigeria With NIN

How To Verify Binance In Nigeria With NIN; It’s no news that Binance is one of the most used decentralized exchanges in Nigeria and the world at large. But to leverage this platform, security reasons necessitate that certain conditions are met; one has to provide government-issued documents carrying data that tally with the personal information inputted in the system during the registration process. 

In Nigeria, the NIN (National Identification Number) is one of the most used documents for this cause, however, people tend to experience difficulty in their various registration processes. Most certainly due to erroneous methods and less attention paid to the laid-out rules that must be satisfied. This becomes not much of a problem as this article is structured to show a pathway that captures how to easily verify your Binance account using the NIN, and what would happen when you don’t verify your identity with Binance. 

Using NIN To Verify Binance Account: How To Get Started

How To Verify Binance In Nigeria With NIN
How To Verify Binance In Nigeria With NIN

The essence of Binance account verification swings on the pendulum of knowing a customer, and the enforcement of anti-money laundering. Thus, the compulsion of KYC (Know Your Customer). Although the KYC level varies; each level grants a certain extent to which a customer can perform an operation on the platform. Narrowing this down to Nigerians, and specifically with the use of NIN as a verification document, follow the steps below. 

Step 1. 

As soon as you log into your Binance account, locate the “authentication channel,” therein is the “start now” option, tap it to begin the process. 

Step 2. 

The verification process begins by choosing your country of origin, in this case, Nigeria. For Nigerians living in the diaspora, note that document inconsistency with a chosen country of residence could taint the authenticity of your data, thereby hindering this process. 

Step 3. 

At this stage, you’ll be brought to a page that shows you a list of documents to choose from, in the order shown below. 

  • BVN (Bank Verification Number)
  • NIN (National Identification Number)
  • ID Card
  • Passport 

Step 4. 

Choose your preferred document and tap on the “Continue” button that is finely seated below the list of document options. In this case, choose NIN. 

Step 5. 

This stage brings you to a page where you’re asked to enter your document number or capture it. In some instances, it’s both. Usually, Binance would ask for a snapshot of the front and back of your NIN, but because the back of the NIN card is blank, use the front snapshot for both.

This is all for the NIN requirement, however, it doesn’t stop here as you must take a face authentication test. This is to confirm if the photo on your document would match the live one that would be captured. 

Note that you mustn’t wear glasses, excess makeup, or any sort of face painting. Caps too aren’t advisable. You also must ensure that the lighting is sufficient enough to deliver a clear picture. You get to receive an email notification as soon as your data gets verified. 

What Happens If I Don’t Verify My Account On Binance? 

Binance account type splits into two categories; an entity and an individual account. An individual account is given the grace of three days for verification completion before the account is made to face restriction. The fiat service on an individual account becomes unavailable after the expiration of 10 days. The same is meted out to a user’s Binance card if the unverified account tarries more than 20 days. The user becomes limited to “withdrawal only” if this continues for over 30 days. 

For an entity account, it demands a relatively higher number of documents and other complex verification requirements, and as such, is allowed to operate on the Binance platform until the elapsing of 30 days. 

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Binance verification in Nigeria with NIN is pretty simple as long as one sticks to the rules that be. From the analysis of the accumulation of many results, most people encounter hurdles traceable to the face authentication test. Other times, it’s a result of the inconsistency between the imputed data and the one shown on the user document. Advisedly, proper cross-checking and multiple reexaminations should be done before hitting the “submit” button. 

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