How To Make Money With Paid Surveys In Nigeria

Completing surveys is one of the easy ways to make passive income online without necessarily having to give yourself up on time-demanding tasks. It’s a huge hit for disabled persons, sit-at-home parents, retirees, and whoever wishes to take advantage of the many survey offers. 

The cool thing here’s that, as opposed to some erroneous claims, you do not need prior survey knowledge to become a part of this. It is an open entry to anyone who wants to make an extra income on the internet for free, as long as you’re willing to live up to the task. This article narrows it down to how to make money with paid surveys in Nigeria.

What’s The Concept Of Paid Survey?

Companies offering products or services can only thrive upon meeting up with their customers’ satisfaction. The tricky thing here is, it might not necessarily be about the longevity of a product, it’s about how well it meets users’ demands. And because making products or offering services that can be tagged “satisfactory” can only be what customers say it is, companies are all out to get this information for product improvement. Hence, paid surveys. 

The concept of paid surveys comes into play when people give their honest reviews and constructively criticize a product or service, and thereafter, are incentivized. This idea has over the years evolved to currently have companies reaching out to a larger survey respondent base.

Different payment options vary from site to site. It could be a gift card, PayPal, or even crypto. Nigerians usually use their Dart Africa account for an easy crypto-to-cash conversion whenever they receive crypto payment, as it’s very easy to use and takes a relatively faster payment time. 

Making Money Through Paid Surveys In Nigeria; How To Begin

As a Nigerian, it can be pretty difficult to directly try to get in contact with the primary companies that manufacture and sell products or offer services to have you work for them as a surveyor. But it’s relatively easier to get in touch with survey companies that are linked to them. 

This means the first step towards leveraging paid surveys in Nigeria is to get in touch with survey companies. These are only hubs solely dedicated to collecting reviews used to positively alter business decisions to make better products and offer ideal services. 

The truth is, as a Nigerian, you stand a relatively low chance of gaining acceptance with survey sites compared to people from other western countries. Not to water down your hope, there are still some good survey sites to check out. 

Which Survey Sites Are Functional And Available In Nigeria? 

1. SurveyTime

SurveyTime is one of the review sites with a vast presence across many countries, and Nigeria is not left out. Here, you will start with registering and affirming your email. Next, you’ll fill out a survey that makes up your profile. Thereon, you begin to take surveys. The cool thing with SurveyTime is that it’s very easy to use which can have you mistake it for a possible scam site. 

With SurveyTime, as soon as your survey is completed, you can decide what’d be your payment method from a list of options that include PayPal and crypto. There are limitless numbers of surveys to take here as long as there’s a survey to partake in. 

2. Triaba

Tibia is also one of the functional survey sites that offer Nigerians a chance to become a part of it. Although the number of surveys here is pretty low compared to others, the pay is worth the wait. Unlike other survey sites, Triaba has a $7 payment threshold; this means $7 is the minimum amount you have to earn before your earnings can be transferred to you via a list of options ranging from gift cards or PayPal. 

The operation of this survey site is done in such a way that as soon as you become a member, your survey gets to you via a mail invitation, so you don’t necessarily need to constantly log into the site to carry out surveys. Except when you intend to cash out. 

3. WowApp

WowApp is one of the good survey sites available to Nigerians that gives them quite a number of earnings streams. On this site, aside from taking surveys, earning is viable by reading news, chatting, calls, and some nice offers. The reason WowApp is one of the best survey sites is that it does not just allow survey participants to enjoy the luxury of diverse payment options, but there’s also no payment threshold. This means you do not have to wait until a certain amount of earnings is attained before cashing out. 


Making money with paid surveys in Nigeria is possible as long as you’re able to follow the laid-out rules of the survey site you wish to become a part of. The truth is, earning from these sites doesn’t come with much ease, so it needs patience, time, and discipline to stick to the cause. Again, you need to put your nose to the ground to spot scam sites that are only after getting important details of survey seekers.