Best App To Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria

The world crypto community is on a continuous evolutionary journey, as subsequently, certain features are added to the decentralized exchanges where trading activities are done. It is no news that every region that occupies a space in the crypto ecosystem, has a specific set of hurdles that are peculiar to them. This means the best app to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria is one that lives up to the task of solving the peculiar trading needs of the Nigerian crypto community. 

According to 2020 estimates, the transaction volume of the Nigerian crypto community reached up to $400 million. A further online survey also revealed that 32% of the Nigerian population is very much active in the crypto space. Thus, putting Nigeria in third place just behind the US and Russia on Bitcoin trading. 

Now, with the much-involved Nigerian population participating in crypto, coupled with the inadequacy of the Nigerian internet network providers, plus the ban placed on crypto in Nigeria, only scratches the surface of the hurdles that Nigerians go through to become a part of the crypto world. However, some apps have good features that slash down the huge barriers Nigerians would have experienced when it comes to selling crypto. Let’s peek into them. 

List Of Apps To Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria

  • Dart Africa
  • Binance
  • Yellow Card
  • Paxful

1. Dart Africa

This app, to Nigerians, is often referred to as the democratic crypto app; the app of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is region-based; only functional in Nigeria and Ghana. Dart Africa comes first on this list because not only is it specifically made for the Nigerian crypto populace, but it is also designed to function solely, as a crypto-selling app, so you should expect it to very much live up to the sole reason of its design — it’s been very effective at it. Little wonder it has had a good adoption rate in a relatively shorter timeframe. 

It is a statement of fact that it has a good conversion rate, speedy payment time, user-friendly interface, user-first design, and customer support that ensures that users’ needs are met. Dart Africa has a strong security wall that safeguards users’ funds, resulting in zero susceptibility to hacking. This has been confirmed on many review websites, and the increasing sign-up rate subtly tells of this app’s effectiveness. 

2. Binance

Bianace is the world’s largest exchange by trading volume. It’s the most adopted exchange Nigerians have been leveraging for years in carrying out their crypto trading activities. It is noteworthy that Binance keeps upgrading and rolling out new features to accommodate the diverse needs of its various users. Although the interface is pretty complex for newbies. The company has added the Naira gateway through which Nigerians can directly buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Buying and selling are now directly from local Nigerian bank accounts, without leaving breadcrumbs of crypto that should attract sanctions owing to the crypto ban in Nigeria. 

On Binance, there’s also the P2P feature where traders with common trading needs, like preferred payment options, can strike a deal. So it’s pretty much easy and secure, especially with the escrow service in place. 

3. Yellow Card

What app is good to use in selling Bitcoin if not a Pan-African one that very much understands and seeks to satisfy the African crypto trader? Yellow Card is one such app, it’s a trading facility where Nigerians can, with much ease, among many other trading activities, sell their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a relatively prompt and faster completion time. Selling Bitcoin on Yellow Card has been made possible most conveniently and securely, with 24/7 customer support that gives users a clear picture of every seemingly foggy pathway to trading. 

4. Paxful

Paxful functions as a good peer-to-peer marketplace where Nigerians can easily sell their Bitcoin to over 3 million worldwide users. The cool thing here’s that the process involved is friendly enough to both beginners and experts. On Paxful, as soon as you’re able to set your trading requirements and review your offers, you set to begin a trade. Paxful is relatively safe too and features an escrow service, however, a few scams have been recorded there. Hence, the need to leverage the 2FA security layer the platform provides, as it would always request a passcode without which your account cannot be accessed. 


Nigerians enjoy the luxury of choosing from a pool of many good trading apps to sell their Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. However, a deeper look into each would tell how better it would serve the average Nigerian crypto trader. Time has proven that while there are great crypto apps with better overall functionality, region-based apps suffice better as they carry the unique needs of the users they are structured to serve, especially as it relates to selling cryptocurrencies. The key areas to look at before deciding to adopt any app are charges, security, payment time, and rate.