Does Coinme Work In Nigeria?

Does Coinme Work In Nigeria: A lot of adjustments have been made and some changes effected in the crypto communities in the last few years. The importance attached to driving innovation as a scheme to meet the ever-evolving crypto space has become paramount. 

Making adjustments with regard to the growing demands in the crypto marketplace, and scouting for better ways to increase users’ experiences with much interoperability, easy navigation, and conduciveness in the crypto world has birthed the existence of Coinme and other important crypto-related innovations. 

Because of how hugely involved Nigeria is in cryptocurrencies, it gets people wondering if Coinme works in Nigeria. Firstly, there are not many people who are conversant with Coinme and its modus operandi. Let’s take a sneak peek into it.

What Is Coinme? 

Does Coinme Work In Nigeria

Does Coinme Work In Nigeria

It is important to explore Coinme and its functionality. This would give you a clear picture of how best it would fit into the Nigerian crypto community if it’s not available yet, or how to improve on it if it’s currently functional in Nigeria.¬†

Coinme is a cryptocurrency exchange technology company, licensed in the US that makes provision for back-end technology so that certain financial systems can, with ease, convert cryptocurrency to cash, as well as purchase cryptocurrencies with physical cash or debit card. This is made possible with specific coin-cashing kiosks and unique automated teller machines (ATMs). 

The primary aim of Coinme is to make digital coins more accessible through physical access. This has helped to increase the crypto community as it has pushed an increased engagement right from when it came into the limelight to recent times.  

How Does Coinme Work? 

Coinme works in three easy steps: 

  1. Get the app from Play Store, or download it for either iOs or Android.
  1. Create your account, and thereafter, verify your identity.
  1. Therein, redeem your coinster crypto purchase. 

Best believe that it’s very easy for beginners to navigate Coinme’s custodial wallet. While we would agree that it is pretty difficult to manage private keys, we won’t also neglect the fact that Coinme is functioning on a “user-first” system, and has always had the interest of beginners in mind.

How Does Coinme Function In Nigeria?

Coinme doesn’t have physical locations in Nigeria. Of course, this is not possible as Nigeria’s federal government has long placed a ban on the use and adoption of all forms of cryptocurrencies as legal tender. It’s worse that every Nigerian bank account traced to have any direct link with crypto transactions is suspended and sanctions placed on them. 

However, Coinme is functional in the Nigerian online crypto space, and you can as well redeem your Coinme voucher in Nigeria provided you have a Coinme account. Not having an account still leaves you with the option of opting for trusted Nigerian crypto vendors. 

To redeem your Coinme voucher, you will log into your account. Input your Coinme details and tap on the “sign in” from whence you will be taken to your wallet. Therein, access the redeem page by tapping on the “redeem” button. Input your voucher details and tap on “redeem” to finalize the transaction. Upon your voucher redemption, it would immediately reflect on your wallet balance. 

It is this simple. However, we must admit that despite Conime’s seeming effectiveness, it is not without its hurdles. What then is a safer, cost-effective, reliable, and better way out?

Do Nigerians Have Other Options? 

A few questions plague the Nigerian crypto community as people keep seeking better alternatives to push seamless and hassle-free transactions. What other option is there to push thriving?  Is there a better way out? 

Yes. There is. For Nigerians, the best platform to make crypto transactions is the one whose specific structure is tailored to solve their unique needs. Hence, the birth of Dart Africa. 

About Dart Africa

Dart Africa is a crypto trading facility specifically structured to meet the distinct evolutionary demands of the Nigerian and Ghanaian crypto marketplace. And for the same reason, it’s only functional in these two countries. Some of the few reasons why it stands out among many others, as seen on reviews platform from actual users are; low gas fees, relatively better rate, fast payment time, supportive customer care service, tight security and strong firewall, the ease of use, and encouraging Interface.

All that it takes to get started on this platform is to go to its main page and access the sign-up button. Here’s how to create an account and sell a coin.

  1. Rightly impute your registration details, ( usually an email address, username, phone number, and account name).
  1. You’ll be sent a verification mail from whence you’ll confirm the account. 
  1. On your dashboard, locate the “sell now” option and your preferred coin to sell. 
  1. Impute the amount you wish to sell. The naira equivalent of the chosen amount of coin would reflect on the platform’s calculator. 
  1. The final process is to send the chosen coin to the generated wallet address or scan the code that would surface on that same dashboard. 
  1. The money reflects on your naira account paired to your Dart Africa account immediately after the payment is confirmed. It takes 1-3 minutes.  


Conclusively, it still remains that Coinme, although functional in the Nigerian online crypto space, doesn’t have physical structures as opposed to the US where it’s pretty common. It’s a good thing that Nigerians have the luxury of other options. 

Again, following the principles of the criteria of demonstrations and valid inferences, it would be safe to opt for region-based crypto hubs. Especially if they meet the core values of traders’ demands. Nonetheless, it’s traders’ choice to opt for whatever trading platforms they deem fit.