Where To Sell and Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

Sell and Buy Bitcoin In Ghana: There are a couple of places to buy Bitcoin in Ghana, however, it is ideal that you ask for the track record and features of whatever app or site you intend to use. African countries are growing at an unbelievable pace with the adoption and use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ghana is not left out in this development — it is one of the West African countries that is moving at a decent speed with the evolution of money from fiat to cryptocurrency. 

This article aims to bring to light the list of places you can buy Bitcoin from in Ghana. Of course, there is a pool of Bitcoin-selling sites and apps, the ones contained here have proven by track record and constant upgrade, to be up to par with the constant change and growth of not just the Ghanaian crypto world, but the crypto ecosystem at large. 

List Of Places To Sell and Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

Sell and Buy Bitcoin In Ghana
Sell and Buy Bitcoin In Ghana

1. DartAfrica

DartAfrica comes with a highly innovative approach towards bettering crypto trading to meet the peculiarity and specific needs of exclusively Nigerian and Ghanaian crypto traders. Aside from that, the site offers a relatively easier-to-use functioning pattern. All thanks to its fully automated feature such that transactions are simplified for not just experts, but for newbies as well. 

You’ll appreciate its rigid firewall that keeps users’ information and all transaction activities away from prying eyes. To buy Bitcoin on DartAfrica, it takes just 5 simple steps.

  1. Signup to create an account
  2. Create a withdrawal transaction pin
  3. Select a specific coin to sell
  4. Scan the shown barcode or make payments to the copied wallet address
  5. Withdraw your funds. 

2. Kraken

Kraken offers Ghanaians and a host of other African countries the ease to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with much ease compared to other crypto outlets. It has a fair purchasing rate and top security features that keep and safeguard users’ details. 

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up. To do that, you’ll have to fill in your mail, pick a username, get a “verification” message, create a password, then fund your account using your credit card, or debit card or have another close user fund your account while you pay the person in Cides. P2P is also an option, the transactions are usually swift and secure. 

3. Binance 

Binance remains one of the top-tier platforms in Ghana from where you can buy Bitcoin. It is characterized by a very complex operation foundation such that security is revered. The extent to which you can buy or sell Bitcoin on Binace is dependent on your KYC level. 

Binance offers Ghanaians Bitcoin traders the luxury of buying options from its platform that includes; centralized P2P option, debit or credit card payment options (usually Mastercard or Visa), third-party option, or bank deposit where users can directly transfer fiat currency from their local bank account in exchange of Bitcoin to their wallet. 

Although trading on this platform is a tad complex, nonetheless, there’s a tutorial video that simplifies navigation across the platform.  

4. Bit Pesa

This company is big on security and gives Ghanaians security value for their money — its high KYC practices further prove this. Well, this is expected for a company whose main focus is on high-valued cryptocurrencies. Bit Pesa started as far back as 2013 as one of the few blockchain firms that offered a hand of operation to a selected list of African countries to trade cryptocurrencies. This is done in a few easy steps;

  1. Sign up and create an account
  2. Start a new transaction
  3. Choose a preferred currency (Cedis) 
  4. Enter intended amount
  5. Put in your mobile money number (from which you shall be debited)
  6. Type in or paste your BTC address in the box you’ll be shown (if you’re sending to a third party)
  7. This brings you to a new dashboard where you confirm payment
  8. You’ll receive your Bitcoin wallet as soon as payment is confirmed. 

5. EbitPoint

EbitPoint, by virtue of its track record, and current functionality, stands as one of the best places you can buy Bitcoin Ghana. Why’s this? EbitPoint is one of the few trading platforms that are specifically tailored to suit the needs of Ghanaian crypto traders. For a fact, Ghana is currently its only supported county.

Here, users can even swap their desired cryptocurrency for Bitcoin or whatever desired coin. This means the luxury of trading options. And to combat crypto scams, the security measure put in place here ensures that users get real-time updates on the trading activities on every created account. 


The list of places contained in this article for buying and selling Bitcoin is fetched from the many positive first-hand reviews of actual users. Then again, understand that crypto transactions (whether buying or selling) can be ridiculously volatile. It becomes paramount that every intending buyer sticks to the guidelines as shown on the specific trading platform they choose to opt for.