SITES TO SELL BITCOIN IN NIGERIA: When people make trades, they are always on the lookout to have a fair one. No one wants to get involved in trades where they are cheated or ripped of (which is a very common occurrence). Most importantly, fast trades. People flock to where they can get a fair and very fast trades, and sadly not a lot of platforms out there are able to provide that for users.



In this article, we have extensively researched and compiled a list (not ranked in any order) of various sites that provide Nigerians with a swift, fair, and very easy ways to exchange their bitcoin for naira. Although there used to be other sites that do this, but due to Central Bank of Nigeria (C.B.N.) regulations, most sites do not provide this service directly anymore. Now, let’s dive right in to it.


This might come as a surprise to most readers, but at the top of this list is DartAfrica, which is a fairly new platform that allow users, through it’s affiliate link, to specify and add an amount of BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and BUSD you wish to sell from your wallet, and instantly get paid in your local bank account. You can also make use of their Coin Calculator feature to calculate how much you get for a particular amount of bitcoin, the price is shown in NGN/GHS. All these is done without any transaction charge for selling coins. Click here to sign up.


This is by far, if not the biggest centralized exchange platforms to sell you bitcoin for naira, or your local currency. Binance allowed nigerians to deposit, and sell their coins directly to NGN, and withdraw to their bank account, but at a charge. This used to be an available option, but it is no longer available due to the C.B.N. regulation, forcing banks to close any account participating in cryptocurrency transactions. Now, the available option is to use their peer 2 peer service or use their cashlink service (comes at a cost too). The p2p has it’s problems, like buyers paying close to the full, rather than the full amount shown by the platform, buyers pressuring sellers to release coins before payments. Binance has in place a dispute system that steps in in cases of problems like this. Click here to register/signup.


Bitmama is a centralized exchange that has numerous services that users take advantage of to meet their crypto needs. Like DartAfrica, they also provide a coin calculator that can tell you how much you will be receiving. We will be focusing on their P2P exchange which you can use to sell your bitcoin for nigerian naira. It faces similar challenges to binance in this aspect, but it is a pretty decent means to get what you need and as quick as possible. To learn more about their services, you can check here, and to sign up, you can do that here.


Bundle platform is powered by binance for Africans. It also used to have a service that allows you to sell crypto directly on the platform and withdraw to your local bank account, but the C.B.N. regulations also affected this method of payment. You can make use of their cashlink p2p service to efficiently do this. The advantage of bundle is it’s community, they have a very active and transparent community of users around the country. You can easily get started here.

  1. OKX

OkX is a centralized exchange, nearly as big as binance, that allows you to take advantage of their p2p service to sell you bitcoin. Like with any other centralized exchange’s p2p service, it also comes with it’s own problems, similar to the ones mentioned above in binance. Although, it is still very effective in get you your money. If you wish to sign up and take advantage of this service, you can do that here.

Whilst there are tons and tons of sites to exchange your bitcoin for naira, we will just be looking at these 5 sites that can help achieve what we want. If you do not trust the sites, then you can take advantage of trading with your friends, at least, this is what blockchain set out to achieve to begin with, a peer 2 peer network of transactions with no third party involved. Well, this is not entirely third-party free, but you get the idea. You can easily discuss with your friends that may be interested in buying your bitcoin for a set price, and pay you the amount.